Police have spent almost £900,000 investigating drone alert which paralysed Gatwick Airport – The Sun

POLICE have spent almost £900,000 investigating a drone alert which paralysed Gatwick Airport — but still have not caught those responsible.

Sussex Police forked out £886,210  on  the incident, which hit Britain’s second-largest airport  for 36 hours  just before Christmas.

About 140,000 people  had their holidays ruined, with 1,000 flights cancelled. Yet the only arrests were of a  man who was at work at the time and his partner.

Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle, who represents Brighton Kemptown, insists the inquiry, known as Operation Trebo, should be closed.

He said: “It has been a farce and they shouldn’t waste any more money on it.”

By the end of March, the force spent £670,000, including £402,000 on overtime.

The total also included £171,000  on  bringing in officers from other forces and £24,000 on accommodation and hospitality.

A breakdown of  the £886,210 now spent is not  yet available.

But it is also believed the  Ministry of Defence has yet to issue  its bill — including sending  ten senior officials and a £2.6million  system which can down devices in a six-mile radius.

Sussex Police said: “The criminal investigation reflects the gravity of this attack. Our complex criminal investigation has been challenging in its  scale and with the type and quality of evidence.

“We have been methodical in our approach.”

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