Prince Andrew hugs his new son-in-law in hilarious reception speech

Get off Jack! Prince Andrew reveals how his new son-in-law mistakenly obeyed a command intended for the family dog in his touching speech as he ‘breaks York house rules’ by giving Eugenie’s groom a hug

  • Wedding guests attended reception hosted by the Queen after today’s service
  • Guests tell of warm speeches by bride’s father Prince Andrew and the groom
  • Duke of York jokes that Jack Brooksbank accidentally followed command for dog
  • He breaks with royal tradition and gives his son-in-law a huge hug, guests said 

Father-of-the-bride Prince Andrew broke with royal tradition and gave his new son-in-law a big hug at the Queen’s reception this afternoon.

The Royal Family and wedding guests attended a reception in Windsor Castle’s St George’s Hall after the ceremony today.

The Duke of York reportedly gave a lovely speech about the happy couple and brushed aside royal conventions to embrace Jack Brooksbank, guests told MailOnline.

The groom’s old headmaster Anthony Wallersteiner said of the hug: ‘It was the high point for everyone. The Duke said, “I’m going to break York House rules now”, and he went over and gave Jack a big hug.

‘It was in front of everyone, even the Queen. It was a huge moment, a human moment.’

Prince Andrew made a great joke about his Jack Brooksbank and gave his new son-in-law a hug at a wedding reception organised by the Queen, guests said

Prince Andrew, pictured walking his daughter down the aisle today,  joked about his new son obeying a command for his dog, reception guests said

The highlight of Prince Andrew’s speech was a joke involving his new son-in-law, Jack Brooksbank, and the Prince’s highland terrier, who is also called Jack.

‘The Duke of York told a wonderful joke in his speech,’ Mr Wallersteiner said. ‘He recalled that his dog Jack was sitting on a chair and he shouted, “Jack, get off!”

‘The dog didn’t move, he said, but Jack Brooksbank shot up and fled.’

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The groom’s speech, his old headmaster said, was ‘filled with devotion to Eugenie’.

‘That was most of his speech,’ he said. ‘The first thing he said was that his bride looked utterly stunning.

‘He talked about how she lights up his life and makes him feel complete. There was a real sense that he absolutely means it. It was so touching.’

Jack Brooksbank’s speech was full of praise to his new wife, his former headteacher said

The groom’s parents, Nicola and George Brooksbank, are attending the two receptions

Following the afternoon reception, hosted by the Queen the royal couple hopped in an Aston Martin and drove off to the evening event

As Jack’s headmaster, Mr Wallersteiner remembered him as a natural leader with a strong sense of empathy and compassion.

‘I dug out his final report before coming here,’ he said. ‘It said he’s a natural leader, qualities that will take him far in life. It is just what you want in a Stoic.’

Eugenie herself did not make a speech, Mr Wallersteiner added, but she looked ‘absolutely radiant and beautiful.’

He said: ‘She kept her tiara on throughout and didn’t seem to want to take it off.’

The Duke of York, he said, was ‘a great supporter of the school, particularly in the field of technology.’

It was rare for a senior royal to be so forward-thinking, he said.

Jack – who found out what it is like to be a member of the Royal Family today – looked nervous throughout the ceremony

His father held hands with Eugenie’s mother Sarah Ferguson on the steps of the church

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