Prince Harry Makes Shocking Revelation About Buckingham Palace In ‘Queen Of The World’ Documentary

Prince Harry makes an appearance in the HBO documentary Queen of the World in which he reveals something about Buckingham Palace that will shock many people. Deadline reported earlier this month that the hour-long show will be broadcast on HBO at 8 p.m. on October 1. It was commissioned by the UK’s ITV and is about the queen’s global role as she passes her responsibilities to the next generation of royals. One would expect a program about the queen to include information about Buckingham Palace since it is her official residence. Viewers will likely, however, be surprised by Prince Harry’s statement about his time there.

In the scene in which Harry makes his revelation, he is speaking with eight young people from the Caribbean who were awarded the Royal Household Caribbean Hospitality Scholarship. The website for the scholarship explains that it gives “an opportunity for passionate and skilled hospitality professionals from the Caribbean Realms to learn new skills.” Its goal is to develop the skills of the young people through practical experience in the palace and for the young people and the Royal Household to exchange knowledge. The scholars spend six weeks during which they are part of the everyday running of the household including any special events that take place during their stay.

In one scene, Prince Harry is shown greeting the scholars as they stand in a line. He shakes hands with each of them, then asks one of the women how long she has been in the palace. After she responds that they have been there for almost three weeks and that they will remain in the palace until Royal Ascot week, he asks another woman if their rooms are nice. She responds that they are “very comfortable.” He asks, “You’re not all bunked in one room together?” She responds that they are not and that they have parties every night. Then the duke makes his shocking statement, saying, “Well you guys have spent way more time in Buckingham Palace than I ever have. The eight young people laugh, and Prince Harry adds, “And you’ve only been here for two weeks. I can assure you.” It’s quite common for people to spend a great deal of time at their grandparents’ homes throughout their childhood, but apparently most of the time Harry has spent with his grandmother has been outside of Buckingham Palace’s walls.

It took over a year to film Queen of the World. In addition to recently-filmed scenes, the documentary includes private footage belonging to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip and items from the Royal Collection. It’s said to focus on something that’s been the queen’s passion throughout her reign, the Commonwealth, which accounts for nearly a third of the world’s population.

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