Prince Harry played cupid for an army pal – and they got married too

Prince Harry once played cupid for an army colleague, it has emerged.

Corporal of Horse Frankie O’Leary told how Harry helped him impress his date, Niina, who went on to become his wife.

CoH O’Leary – Harry’s vehicle operator during his first tour of Afghanistan in 2007 – said: “He rather kindly helped me get in well with a young lady.

“He saw me walking with a young lady. He was driving. He wound the window down and said, ‘See you later, Frank’. I was like, ‘See you later, sir’.

“The young lady was a few steps behind me with her jaw on the floor.

"I just played it off as cool.”

He added: “It helped.

"She’s become my wife.”

CoH O’Leary is in the Household Cavalry which Harry served in for 10 years.

It will provide the mounted escort for Harry’s wedding to Meghan.

He said: “I think he’ll be excited he’s pulled a cracker and gets to take her home.”

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