Prince Harry told to ‘become royal again’ following yet another Hollywood snub

Prince Harry has been urged to "become a royal again" following yet another Hollywood snub.

Harry and Meghan Markle's Netflix docuseries failed to secure a coveted nomination for the Emmy Awards on Thursday (July 13).

It came after news that Spotify will not be renewing their partnership with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. It has also been reported that while Meghan has received several work-related offers as they look for new ventures, Harry's inbox has dried up.

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Their Netflix show, Harry & Meghan, became the fastest-streamed docuseries on the site when it was released last year. But despite Variety tipping it for an Emmy nomination, it was snubbed by voters.

Entertainment expert Mark Boardman told Newsweek it will be a "terribly disappointing blow for the couple".

He said: "In the face of a nomination snub, it becomes crucial for Harry and Meghan to focus on the broader impact of their work rather than relying solely on awards recognition which would have improved the perceived success as media personalities.

"The next move will be a tough one as both Harry and Meghan need to redefine who they are individually, and as a couple, and improve their ability to engage audiences that resonate with viewers."

Boardman reckons it is Harry who has the tougher period ahead career-wise, with Meghan having already made a success of herself in TV and film before meeting the royal.

He added: "Harry must become a royal again to reengage his waning loyal fan base and work with new people to help generate positive media attention.

"This will help them enhance their standing with Netflix and achieve success through their partnership."

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