Prince William said ‘don’t give her ideas’ after Kate gushes over baby at event

Prince William jokingly ruled out adding a fourth royal child to the Cambridge clan as he teased Kate whilst she cuddled a cute baby on a royal engagement.

The happily-married duo, who already have kids Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, were visiting Lancashire on official business.

The Duchess found herself cooing over three-and-a-half-month-old baby girl Anastasia Barrie, reports The Mirror.

But William spotted his wife’s gaze and chirped: "Don't give her any ideas.”

He then told smiling Kate, who famously loves children, that: "You can't take her with you!"

The royal duo were at Church on the Street in Burnley, to raise awareness for a centre that helps people struggling with problems such as homelessness and addiction.

But it isn’t the first time Prince William has subtly ruled out another child – in 2019, as he and Kate visited Ireland, the Duchess was enjoying meeting a five-month-old baby.

She was cheekily asked by the father about a baby number four, but Kate laughed: "I think William would be a little worried."

Alongside the Duke of Cambridge’s playful comments, he took the time to sympathise with a devastated schoolboy who had lost his mum.

William, who went through the trauma of Princess Diana’s fatal car crash in 1997, told 11-year-old Deacon Glover “I know how you feel” after learning of the tragic death of his mother Grace Taylor, who passed away aged 28.

He put a calming hand on his shoulder and reassured the youngster: “It gets easier.”

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The Cambridges went to Church on the Street after watching television reports of Pastor Mick Fleming, involved in setting up the institution.

His donation-funded project offers the local community a food bank, clothing, laundry, and recovery groups.

The church, housed in a former gym, says it is a safe space for anyone who is struggling, including those with mental health problems.

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