Prisoner who ‘ran like Usain Bolt’ from hospital held on bail

The prisoner who police said escaped their custody at a Bronx hospital was arraigned Saturday on charges stemming from his original arrest– and his alleged mad dash for freedom.

Kevin Taylor, 27, allegedly escaped from police custody — with handcuffs still attached to one of his wrists — at St. Barnabas Hospital around 6:45 a.m. on Friday, police said. He was being held there for an unknown injury after his arrest on drug and weapons possession charges.

Taylor managed to get free from his hospital bed and sprint out of the building, leaving cops in the dust. “This guy was running like [Olymic gold-medal runner] Usain Bolt,” a source told the Post.

At his arraignment both of Taylor’s hand were securely cuffed behind his back as he stood before Judge Judith Lieb.

He was held on a total of $200,000 bail for charges including escape from custody, violation of parole, criminal possession of loaded firearm, resisting arrest and criminal possession of marijuana.

Taylor has six prior convictions, two of which include bail jumping, it was revealed in court.

His next court appearance is slated for May 1 in the Bronx.

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