‘Psycho seagull’ drops out of sky and divebombs Brit in terrifying video

The terrifying video begins with a flock of seagulls circling over the cameraman in Grimsby, Lincs.

One of the creatures then veers left and soars directly towards him.

It squawks loudly with each dive while spreading its wings and peering down at the man.

Fortunately, the man is thought to have escaped without any injuries during the ordeal.

But just yesterday, another seagull snatched a chihuahua puppy from its owner in a horrifying attack.

This latest incident happened near the Fishing Heritage Centre at Alexandra Dock and is just one of a number of reports from the area in recent weeks.

Visitors have claimed they have seen fish remains being dropped from a height from seagulls.

One office worker said: “There was one gull which dropped half a dead fish just inches away from me. I got a real fright.

“But I was lucky it wasn’t six inches to the left otherwise I would have ended up wearing the dead fish.”

The birds are frequently spotted soaring with the shelled food before dropping it on cars to crack open the shell.

This often leaves car parks littered with broken shells and sometimes damages the cars in the process.

Wildlife experts say gulls are increasingly viewing people as a source of food.

However, they encouraged people to not see the gulls in a negative light but rather “sit back and enjoy them”.

Weeks ago, a giant seagull was filmed savagely eating a pigeon alive.

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