PT exercising in garden yelled at by neighbour for ‘infringing her human rights’

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A personal trainer who was exercising has been shouted at by her neighbour for apparently “infringing” on her “human rights”.

Joanne Groves, from London, was leading an online session with a client in her back garden when her neighbour yelled at her.

As she was performing some lunges, she heard her neighbour shout: “Can you stop screaming please? You’re infringing my human rights.”

As Groves looked up to see what was going on, the neighbour repeated: “You’re screaming.”

Groves then replied to say she can’t have been ‘screaming’ as she had tested positive with Covid, which is why she was forced to run the session from home.

The neighbour didn’t let up though, replying: “You’ve got Covid and you’re out in your garden? Well that means I can’t go in the garden."

Current NHS advice does not prohibit those who have tested positive for Covid from exercising in their private garden, which is what Groves was doing in this case.

The personal trainer posted the video on TikTok, which soon went viral, racking up more than 7 million views, 670,000 likes and 9,000 comments.

One person commented: “I can’t believe this is real. SCREAMING? HUMAN RIGHTS? Is she okay?”

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A second joked: “What a sad little life Jane”, while a third wrote: “People really gotta skip past ‘sorry, it’s just disturbing me a little’ and go right to ‘you’re infringing my human rights’.”

Groves proceeded to post a follow-up video showing what happened next, where she told her neighbour: “Oh, for goodness sake, grow up.”

The neighbour then replied: “You f*** off.”

Groves told the Daily Mail: “I teach a 30 minute class outdoors online every day and I was talking my client through her moves. It's ironic because I wasn't shouting. She was clearly stressed.”

She added: “I haven't spoken to her since, she'll just have to wait to see that she went viral.”

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