‘Pure chaos’ McDonald’s set to close after ‘thousands’ of police calls to eatery

The so-called "world's worst McDonald's" is set to close as the "pure chaos" at the chain became too much for police, who were called "thousands" of times.

Due to the location's "ongoing criminal activity and social disorder", it seems a McDonald's restaurant located in Ottawa, Canada is set to close.

A slate of grim crimes have been reported at the eatery, including drug deals, fights between the customers and sex acts in the toilets, all contributing to the "pure chaos" of the area.

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The establishment based on Rideau Street, Ottawa, is now set for closure, and hundreds of people paid tribute to the location that once saw an infamous fight break out.

One Twitter user reminiscing of their memories of the location said: "I've seen so many stupid fights in that location. Awful spot."

A former manager dished the dirt on the state of the location, with staff treating customers as "guilty until proven innocent", the anonymous ex-employee stated in a Reddit thread.

Another Twitter lamented the loss of such a location, saying: "This is a heritage site."

It appears that just about everybody who dined at the location had their own horror story, with another Twitter user writing: "I once saw a worker attempt to break up a fight by spraying everyone with cleaning solution."

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In 2022 alone, police were called to the location a total of 150 times, with a former police chief sending the store a letter in 2019 pleading with them to shorten their opening hours.

Gaining notoriety a decade ago when a bloke smuggled a raccoon into the establishment, Indy100 reported that mass chaos of the restaurant had led to more than 1,000 police calls.

Others reminisced about the location, a tourist hotspot for the post-night out masses to head to, saying it was "THE McDonald's to go to after clubbing back in the day."

Another user added: "Many near-death experiences at this spot."

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