Putin critic ‘arrested in Moscow’ after denouncing brutal ‘regime of murderers’

Putin removal could be ‘dangerous for west’ says professor

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Russian opposition politician Vladimir Kara-Murza, who has previously survived two suspected poisonings in Russia, was arrested near his home on Moscow, according to his longtime lawyer, Vadim Prokhorov. Mr Prokhorov said Mr Kara-Murza was arrested late on Monday on charges of disobeying police orders and faced up to 15 days in jail or a small fine.

The suspected arrest comes on the same day Mr Kara-Murza criticised Russia’s “regime of murderers”.

He told CNN: “I have absolutely no doubt that the Putin regime will end over this war in Ukraine, doesn’t mean it’s gonna happen tomorrow.

“The two main questions are time and price and by price, I do not mean monetary – I mean the price of human blood and human lives and it has already been horrendous, but the Putin regime will end over this and there will be a democratic Russia after Putin.”


Ilya Yashin, an opposition colleague of Mr Kara-Murza, also reported the arrest on Twitter, posting: “Vladimir Kara-Murza was detained by the police in Moscow near his home. What exactly is presented is still unknown.

“Apparently, Kara-Murza was taken to the Khamovniki police department, where lawyer V. Prokhorov is going.

“I can assume that the detention is related to an administrative case.

“Most likely, we are talking about some kind of anti-war statement in the press or in social networks.”

Aleksandr Podrabinek, a former Soviet dissident who went to the Khamovniki police station to support Mr Kara-Murza, told news outlet Sota he believed he had been arrested because the authorities were “angered by his courage”.

It comes as Putin’s government continues to crack down on any criticism of his regime following his invasion of Ukraine.

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Mr Kara-Murza, former deputy leader of the People’s Freedom Party, also told MSNBC on Sunday that Russia had closed down “every independent television network” in a “war of censorship”.

He revealed how Russia has faced a “total blackout” after more than 15,000 people were detained for protesting against Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Mr Kara-Murza, a former student at Cambridge University, has spoken to a various number of outlets denouncing Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

In 2015 and 2017 the Russian author and historian survived two suspected poisonings in Russia.

Shortly after he recovered from his poisoning in 2015, Mr Kara-Murza said he believed he was targeted because of his criticisms of Russian President Putin.

And an investigation by news sites Bellingcat, the Insider and Der Spiegel found Russia’s Federal Security Service poison squad had tracked both Kara-Murza and Alexei Navalny, a Russian opposition leader who was also allegedly poisoned in 2020, just before the pair fell ill.

The Russian government denies any involvement.

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