Putin launches deadly ‘ballistic missile’ in warning as Biden’s visits Europe

Russia's war mad President Vladimir Putin has “successfully” slammed intercontinental ballistic missiles into a firing range in neighbouring Kazakhstan.

The new missiles used are thought to be part of the deadly Topol-ME system, but those details have not yet been confirmed.

They were launched by the Kapustrin Yar test site in Astrakhan, and hit the Sary-Shagan range in Kazakhstan – a close ally of Putin.

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The launched happened just before midnight last night (Tuesday, April 11), and was done to mark the 62nd anniversary of Yuri Gagarin being blasted off into space.

In an official statement, the Russian defence ministry said: “The combat crew of the Strategic Missile Troops successfully launched a intercontinental ballistic missile of the land-based mobile missile system from the Kapustin Yar State Central Training Ground in the Astrakhan Region.”

According to TASS news agency: “The launch was aimed at “testing the advanced military supply of intercontinental ballistic missiles.

“The launch permitted proving that design and engineering solutions used in the development of new strategic missile complexes are correct,” said the ministry.

The exercise head hit a “hypothetical target” at Sary-Shagan which Russia uses under agreement with Kazakhstan.

"The launch fully dispatched its mission," said the ministry.

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Outlet Military Russia and others indicated the launch was a test “apparently for the first time”of advanced combat equipment 15Zh55ME Topol-ME also known as Yars-E.

The rocket can be unleashed from a mobile launcher, it stated.

The new unit "will solve the issue of the expiration of Topol missiles, which were previously used for such test launches, and will also “allow the payload to be launched on a platform unified with many modern missiles,” local news outlets report.

Russia is also due to carry out more tests with its big beast hypersonic Sarmat rocket, known in the West as Satan-2, which appears subject to mysterious delays in an humiliation for after a failure to meet a deployment deadline at the end of 2022.

The Satan-2 rocket is the size of a 14 storey tower block weighing 208 tons which is capable of delivering multiple nuclear warheads.

Five test launches of Satan-2 have been predicted for this year.

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