Queen ‘approves’ of Sussexes’ baby name ‘choice’ as it’s similar to her nickname

The Queen approves of Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle's preferred name choice when their baby daughter is born, a royal source has claimed.

Her Majesty, 95, is said to have given her blessing to the name because it is similar to her childhood nickname.

As a young princess, the Queen struggled to pronounce her own name, Elizabeth, so resorted to saying 'Lillibet'.

But it stuck, with dad King George VI and other members of the Royal Family affectionately calling her by the nickname for years after.

Now, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who are expecting their second child soon, are believed to favour calling their daughter Lilly.

"It would be a lovely nod to the Queen who was known as 'Lillibet' during her childhood but it's also always been one of Harry's favourite names," a royal expert has told OK! Magazine.

"Back in 2019 when the duchess was pregnant with Archie, she and Harry took part in a walkabout in Merseyside and someone in the crowd later revealed he'd asked her how she spells her daughter's name – Lily.

"He took great interest in it," the royal insider added.

Harry and Meghan quit royal duties and left the UK last year. They now live in the US.

But they also claimed to have a good relationship with the Queen.

The Sussexes' second child is due this summer. The pair were also rumoured to be considering calling their daughter 'Diana' after Harry's late mum, while bookmakers are also taking bets on Alice and Grace.

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