Queen ‘marvelled at frozen food section’ during her first ever supermarket trip

The Queen “marvelled” at the sight of the frozen food section during her first ever supermarket trip, a royal author has claimed.

When her Majesty was 31 years old in 1957, she visited the US for a second time, accompanied by her husband Prince Philip.

Their trip was very busy and moved at a “relentless” pace, royal author Robert Hardman said in his book Queen of the World.

In the 2018 book, he wrote: “During a 15-hour visit to New York, the Queen managed to address the United Nations, attend a mayoral lunch for 1,500, an English Speaking Union dinner for 4,500 and a separate Commonwealth ball for 4,500.”

Over one million people came out onto the streets of Washington DC to greet her, while a state banquet was laid on in her honour at the White House by President Eisenhower and his wife.

It was during this trip however that the Monarch experienced a life “first”.

Hardman explained that during this trip was actually the first time that the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh went to a supermarket.

Although a chore for many people, Her Majesty saw a surprising positive to the shopping experience.

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“‘How nice you can bring your children along,’ she told shoppers as she marvelled at the sight of a frozen food section,” wrote Hardman.

In 2019, the Monarch was exposed to the idea of a self-checkout for the first time when she visited a pop-up Sainsbury’s store.

Upon being presented with the store’s self-checkout function, she quickly asked the manager: “And you can’t trick it? You can’t cheat it then?”

When she was informed that shoppers like being able to move through quickly via the self-checkout option, she said, “I’m sure they do. Everybody wants to hurry.”

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