Racing cyclist hits horse and injures its rider after overtaking

Racing cyclist ‘smashes into a horse and then flips his middle finger’ at the terrified rider as she tries to regain control of the animal after overtaking them on the inside

  • Rider says there was no warning of a triathlon on the road she was using
  • Footage shows cyclists speed past as one bashes into terrified horse’s side 
  • Rider Jennifer Katherine says cyclist showed no remorse and none stopped 
  • Human Race Events said anyone responsible would be disqualified from the race
  • TV presenter and keen cyclist Jeremy Vine shared video with caption ‘appalling’

This is the moment a triathlon cyclist sent a horse bolting as he ‘smashed into the animal when trying to undercut it’ – before racing off and appearing to show the rider his middle finger. 

Jennifer Katherine was out enjoying a ride and did not realise she had ridden into the Windsor Triathlon route until bikes began whizzing by her at around 9am yesterday. 

Her headcam shows the moment a cyclist appears to try to undertake her and clips the animal, causing it to ‘rear and bolt’ with Jennifer still in the saddle. 

Jennifer can be heard screaming ‘oh my f***ing God’ in fear as she tries to regain control of her horse.

Meanwhile, the cyclist races on and does not stop to see if she or the animal are OK, appearing to turn and give what Jennifer claims to be the ‘middle finger’ to her. 

Race organisers Human Race Events have confirmed they are reviewing the video and are investigating in a bit to track down the cyclist – claiming those at fault will be ‘disqualified’. 

The rider an be seen on her horse on a quiet road in Windsor.  Posting under the name Jennifer Katharine, she wrote that she was unaware that any event was taking place

Jennifer, from Windsor, Berks, said: ‘Nobody stopped and the cyclist that hit me seemed to show no remorse by what looks like him lifting his middle finger at me whilst riding off as I screamed.

 ‘Although one cyclist hit me, I am surprised there wasn’t more. Many individuals on this stretch of road at this time had passed dangerously and irresponsibly – too fast and too close. 

‘They also put other road users at risk by putting themselves between my horse and oncoming vehicles. 

The frightened horse can be seen jolting after the cyclist bashes into its side and injuring the woman’s foot. He showed no remorse as he cycled on while Jennifer cried out

‘It was terrifying being on a spooked horse and knowing that these individuals weren’t willing to stop. 

‘I am lucky to ride such a calm animal but there are other horses that really wouldn’t have tolerated the speed and proximity of those cyclists, risking everyone. I am genuinely concerned. 

‘There are many amazing road users that pass safely (and who should always be thanked by horse riders) but there does seem to be a growing lack of awareness of how to pass horses safely on the road and indeed with other vulnerable road users such as cyclists. 

TV presenter and keen cyclist Jeremy Vine has shared the footage of the spooked animal on Twitter with the caption: ‘Appalled by this’

‘I think that is what is more shocking in this instance as I felt victimised by many of the individuals on bicycles on that road at that time and particularly by the one individual that hit my horse and I.’ 

The incident left Jennifer in shock and she claimed to have an injury to her ankle while the horse lost one of its back shoes in the incident.

Jennifer said she has reported the incident to the police, who she is due to meet with later this afternoon.

TV presenter and keen cyclist Jeremy Vine has shared the footage of the spooked animal on Twitter with the caption: ‘Appalled by this.’ 

 She claimed there was no event warning on the road. 

Jennifer said: ‘I would not have been out on the road in any form had I known there was a sporting event on. 

The organisers, Human Race Events said anyone found responsible would be disqualified from the race. They tweeted that they do not condone dangerous cycling of any kind

‘I saw no signs alerting the local that an event would take place on the road I was on and when, hence why I went out like any normal early Sunday morning this time of year. 

‘I’m very thankful to the event officials for their prompt investigation into identifying the individual and the sincerity in which they are taking the incident.’ Human Race Events tweeted: 

‘We are currently investigating an incident at the Windsor Triathlon involving a group of cyclists and a horse rider. 

‘We are taking this very seriously. Riders will be identified and disqualified from all Human Race Events. All riders are briefed to follow the Highway Code. 

‘We do not condone dangerous cycling of any kind. We sincerely apologise to the individual affected.’ 

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They later updated their Twitter feed with another statement, which read: ‘We are in contact with the individual effected by the horrible incident earlier today at Windsor Triathlon. We want to sincerely apologise to her and her poor horse. 

‘We have convened a senior level committee internally, and along with British Triathlon we will be reviewing the video evidence to identify those involved in this. 

Those at fault will be disqualified and banned from all future Human Race events. 

‘There will be further ramifications for these people with British Triathlon and potentially further action taken.’ Thames Valley Police were contacted for comment. 



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