Rare ‘goblin shark’ likened to grisly beast in Alien caught by deepsea fisherman

A fisherman famous for plucking strange beasts from the depths has found a prehistoric goblin shark dubbed a "living fossil" that looks like something from the Alien movie.

Roman Fedortsov, a deep-sea fisherman working on a trawler in Murmansk in the northwest part of Russia, has devoted his life to searching for creatures unknown.

Following the find of a 'repulsive' crab with 'human teeth', Roman fished out a goblin shark, a rare species of deep-sea shark.

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Goblins sharks are the only surviving member of the Mitsukurinidae family, a lineage of shark dating back 125 million years old.

The prehistoric beast has a characteristic long snout and sharp, fang-like teeth, which can be seen in a picture snapped by Roman.

The goblin shark usually dwells at the bottom of the ocean and can grow up to 12ft long and weigh up to 32 stone (460lbs).

They are mostly spotted off the coast of Japan and their name is believed to be due to their likeness to mythical goblins in Japanese folklore.

Roman shared a picture of the rare catch with his followers, which racked up 5,000 likes and left users likening it to a creature from the Alien movie franchise.

One user joked: "Hieronymous Bosch's hell realm just called – said they're missing their most prized godforsaken fish-goblin."

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"Missing the nuclear fish," another person said.

Someone else commented: "Alien sequel movie set or fishing boat?"

"Oohhh, a goblin shark!" said another viewer.

"No way!! Super rare! Goblin shark! You see the most amazing stuff," said another fan.

Others left shocked emojis and commented "wow".

Roman spends months of his life at sea, much to the delight of his 650,000 followers on Instagram (@rfedortsov_official_account), where he often shares snaps of frightening looking creatures from the depths.

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