Real life Frankenstein who created ‘monsters’ from buckets of donors’ limbs ordered to pay £45m to distraught families – The Sun

A SICKO organ donor centre owner — who made a “FRANKENSTEIN" monster with body parts — has been ordered to pay £45m to furious families.  

The stomach-churning scene was discovered by FBI agents raiding Arizona's Biological Resource Center in 2014.

The ensuing legal action against Gore, owner of the Biological Resource Center of Arizona, today ended with jurors finding in favour of 10 of 21 plaintiffs, awarding £6.1 million in compensatory damages and £39 million in punitive damages.

The lawsuit followed an FBI raid revealed body parts which were piled on top of each other, a cooler filled with male genitalia and a women’s head sewn on a man’s body. 

A bucket of heads, arms and legs were also found. 

Gore's business was also accused of fraud by claiming the bodies would be used for medical research, when it knew some of the corpses would be sold for military testing, such as blowing them up.  

Son Jim Stauffer, from Surprise, Arizona, was shocked to learn his mum’s body met such a fate, when he was under the impression her remains would be used to study Alzheimer's. 

He said: "They took my mum’s body and blew it up.

"They strapped her in a seat and then detonated an explosion underneath it.

"I saw a picture of the apparatus used and it looked like a seat fixed to some kind of tower."

They took my mum’s body and blew it up

He thought his beloved mother’s remains would be used to study the effects of Alzheimer’s when she died five years ago.

But instead 73-year-old Doris Stauffer’s cadaver was strapped into a chair on "some sort of apparatus" and a bomb was let off beneath her.

Agents also found “infected heads” in the centre, and a small woman’s head sewn onto a large male torso which hanging on a wall “like Frankenstein”.

English author Mary Shelley’s classic novel Frankenstein has terrified millions since it was first published in 1818.

In it, scientist Victor Frankenstein’s monster gets snubbed by society and then murders his creator’s brother, pal and bride.

Gore was handed a suspended one-year prison sentence for conducting an illegal business in 2015.

The now-closed Biological Resource Center specialised in the free pickup of deceased loved ones for families in exchange for their bodies, to be used for scientific research.

Instead, the company sold body parts to various middlemen for profit.

A 2013 price list included in the civil court filing indicates a whole boy with no shoulders or head could be purchased for $2,900 (£2,330) while a whole spine retailed for $950 (£760).

Gore, who broke down in tears when he pleaded guilty, was also ordered to pay $121,000 (£97,223) in compensation.

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