Reality TV star ‘had sex twice for money to help pay for mum’s cancer treatment’

A reality TV star claimed she had sex with a man for money twice in order to help pay for her mum’s cancer treatment.

Anastasia Kochervey, 24, said she had to act quickly when her mother was diagnosed.

The star of Russian reality TV show Dom 2 said at first she tried to raise the money selling gold to a pawn shop but it wasn’t enough.

So she reportedly had sex with an unnamed man who gave her the money to help save her mum.

Anastasia says although not proud of what she’s done, it’s "a gift" her mum’s alive, according to reports.

She is currently dating fellow cast member Andrey Shabarlyn, although according to recent reports, their relationship is a rocky one.

She said: "We were together for about a month when my mother got diagnosed with cancer and I had to act quickly."

Kochervey says she initially turned to Andrey for help, for the remaining 30,000 RUB (£358) for her mother’s treatment.

The reality TV star says her colleague and boyfriend was the only man in her life who she could ask for
help, as her dad was going through a difficult financial situation at the time.

But she said they got into a fight and so she began to look elsewhere for the cash.

After the unnamed man gave her money for sex she also got a bank loan for the ongoing treatment costs, it is reported.

The young star says she could not lie to her boyfriend and then confessed to him what she had done.

She said: "I am not proud of it, but at least I have a living mother and for me this is a gift from God."

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