REBECCA ENGLISH on Prince Harry's bombshell memoir Spare

Harry stooped to revealing a private remark from his grieving father King Charles at Philip’s funeral: REBECCA ENGLISH on Prince Harry’s bombshell memoir Spare

  • Harry accuses his brother of physically assaulting him during a heated row
  • Recalls how Charles pleaded for peace between his sons at Philip’s funeral
  • Excerpts of Prince Harry’s tell-all memoir Spare were leaked this morning

Prince Harry promised that his much-anticipated memoir would be one of ‘raw, unflinching honesty’.

Raw and unflinching it certainly is turning out to be, according to a leaked copy seen by The Guardian, which published some of the most explosive extracts this morning.

In it, Harry accuses his estranged brother of physically assaulting him during a particularly heated row at his Nottingham Cottage home after William called his wife Meghan ‘rude and abrasive’.

He also recalls how their desperate father pleaded for peace between his warring sons at Prince Philip’s funeral.

In a leaked extract of his highly anticipated autobiography, Spare, Prince Harry recounts a meeting with his father and brother after Prince Philip’s funeral in April 2021

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It’s worth letting the fact that Harry would stoop to recounting a private remark allegedly said by a grieving King Charles at his own father’s funeral sink in a little.

The Guardian also teasingly states that ‘Harry is unsparing in his recounting of intensely private scenes and conversations’ in a clear attempt to ramp up publicity ahead of Tuesday’s official publication.

So it is clear, then, that this will be a book packed with revelations designed both to embarrass and humiliate the Royal Family, as well as ensure that it will shoot up the best-seller charts and fill the Sussexes’ pockets with lucre.

That it was leaked to a Left-wing anti-monarchist newspaper will be of interest to many given Harry and Meghan’s vocal antipathy to the popular Press and their sanctimonious declaration that those speaking and acting for them would never again resort to anonymous or underhand briefings.

That said the reporter concerned, Martin Pengelly, has developed a remarkable career in getting hold of contraband copies of the most sought-after books in the US.

The result, though, is the same.

And it is very difficult to see how relationships between the key players in this deeply painful drama can ever be repaired after this.

Harry seems hell-bent on wreaking a self-righteous public vengeance on his family for ever perceived slight in his life and nothing less than an Oprah-filmed truth and reconciliation committee will satisfy him.

Of course this may paper over the cracks in the short term, but will clearly do nothing to mend the painfully sad personal implosion at the heart of it all.

The cover of Prince Harry’s highly anticipated autobiography, Spare

The question that remains for me, however, is that of honesty – something Harry is clearly making great play of.

According to The Guardian the physical altercation between Harry and William occured after ‘insults were exchanged’.

Were any of these from Harry? If so, what were they?

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For while it is clear that, on occasions, the whole Harry and Meghan saga was mishandled by Buckingham Palace, there has been precious little honest accountability from the Sussexes so far of any of the mistakes they have made along the way.

Another extract leaked to Page Six in New York attempts to drag William and Kate into Harry’s Nazi 2005 costume drama, claiming they approved his choice of outfit and found it hilarious.

While it is certainly plausible, Harry was at the time a 20-year-old man who had been given a gun and was training at Sandhurst to fight for his country.

Surely, then, he should be accountable for his own actions? This seems like nothing less than spite to me.

In recent weeks, I have heard from several former friends of the prince who are all aghast at his actions and marvel at how unrecognisable he is now.

People grow up, they develop. That is understandable.

It would be utterly wrong to say that the man known for his risqué wise-cracks and far from political-correct behaviour cannot change.

(And for the record, I was once or twice on the receiving end of it but was not remotely offended and, unlike Harry, consider something that was said to me in a private capacity should remain so).

But for some of those that I have spoken to, Harry’s lack of genuine self-reflection and decision to go nuclear on his family for money smacks of the very rank hypocrisy and dishonesty he professes to abhor.

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