Record number of pedestrians are injured by cyclists, figures show

More than 10 pedestrians suffer life-threatening injuries every month when they are hit by cyclists, record-breaking new figures show

  • A record number of pedestrians are killed or injured after being hit by cyclists
  • Figures reveal a 17 per cent jump in pedestrian accidents with cyclists in a year
  • Pedestrians injured or killed by cyclists surges to 134 last year from 105 in 2015
  • Cycling UK says it ‘doesn’t want to leap to conclusions’ about why pedestrian injuries have gone up, and says it is still lower than the number killed by cars

A record number of pedestrians are being killed or seriously injured in crashes with cyclists, new figures have revealed.

In total, some 130 people were seriously injured in accidents involving cyclists last year, and four were killed.  

More than ten pedestrians suffer life threatening injuries every month when they are hit by people on bicycles, the new data shows.  

The figures reveal a 17 per cent increase in pedestrian accidents with cyclists. There have been 830 pedestrians seriously injured in just eight years [File photo]

The figures, published by the Department of Transport, show an increase of 17 per cent in accidents in the past 12 months.

The issue of pedestrian and pedal cycle safety was highlighted last year when cyclist Charlie Alliston, 20, was jailed for 18 months for knocking over and killing a woman as he sped through east London.

Charlie Alliston crashed into 44-year-old Kim Briggs as she crossed the road on her lunch break

His victim Kim Briggs, 44, was crossing the street when she was struck by Alliston’s bike, which it later emerged had no front brakes.

Briggs’ widower, Matthew, from Lewisham, south London, has called for a ‘radical change’ in cycling culture and the introduction of new laws, including the offence of causing death by dangerous cycling.

In August this year Sakine Cihan, 56, was killed after being struck by an electrically-assisted bike in Dalston, London. A 30-year-old man was later arrested by police in connection with the crash. 

Following the jailing last year of Alliston for the death of Mrs Briggs, transport minister Jesse Norman announced an urgent review examining whether new laws should be brought in to cover dangerous cycling.

Mr Norman said: ‘We already have strict laws that ensure that drivers who put people’s lives at risk are punished but, given recent cases, it is only right for us to look at whether dangerous cyclists should face the same consequences.

Cyclist Charlie Alliston was acquitted of manslaughter but convicted of wanton and furious driving, an offence falling under an Act from 1861 in September last year

‘We’ve seen the devastation that reckless cycling and driving can cause, and this review will help safeguard both Britain’s cyclists and those who share the roads with them.’

But supporters of cycling say the move to bring in new laws against cyclists is an over-reaction when bike accidents account for less than one percent of pedestrian fatalities on the road.

There have been 29 pedestrians killed in accidents with cyclists and another 830 seriously injured in just eight years. 

Roger Geffen, Policy Director at Cycling UK said: ‘There are surprisingly large fluctuations in the number of reported pedestrian injuries each year involving pedal cycles. A couple of years ago, the figure dropped markedly. Now it has sprung back up again.

‘Given that total pedestrian injuries also went up this year, Cycling UK wouldn’t want to leap to conclusions about why this is happening, based on a single year’s figures – after all, they might well go straight back down again next year.

 More than ten pedestrians suffer life threatening injuries every month when they are hit by people on bicycles, the new data shows

‘In any case, the number of pedestrians suffering slight injuries in cycle collisions is still lower than the number killed each year by motor vehicles. That figure has also risen markedly, from 406 in 2015 to 467 in 2017.

‘This is why any review of cycling offences must be considered in context. 

‘Cycling UK is calling for a full review of road traffic offences, so all road users are appropriately held to account if they harm another.’

How did the new figures really compare? 

The figures in recent years for pedestrians killed or seriously injured in crashes with cyclists are:

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