Ronny Jackson calls on Democrats to check Joe Biden's cognitive ability after Trump claimed he aced mental aptitude test

RONNY Jackson has called on Democrats to check Joe Biden's cognitive ability after former president Donald Trump claimed he aced the mental aptitude test.

Texas Rep. Ronny Jackson, Trump's former White House physician, is pushing for Biden to get assessed because he claims the 78-year-old Democrat is not "physically or cognitively fit to be president."

Speaking in an interview with Fox News over the weekend, Jackson — who is among 14 Republican lawmakers who have signed a letter calling for Biden to take a mental exam — insisted the test "needs" to be conducted.

He told the news outlet on Saturday: "The far left and the mainstream media were demanding that be the new standard for anybody who’s going to lead our country and be our Commander-in-Chief and our head of state.

"I’m just saying I agree with them at this point — we need to get it done." 

Jackson wants Biden to get tested, just like Trump, who agreed to take theMontreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) to check for cognitive impairment just a year into his presidency.

Although the White House recently said Biden will take a physical exam in 2021, Jackson noted that it is not confirmed whether a cognitive test will be a part of that screening.

The GOP Rep. also told Fox News that he thinks Biden is "demonstrating every single day that there is something going on.

"You don’t need to be a physician to look at this behavior and see there’s something concerning happening."

He recounted how Biden has "always made gaffes" but voiced his concern that the most recent ones are "different."

"He’s confused, he’s disoriented. We all know people who are 100-years old, who basically are as sharp as a tack, and we know people who are in their mid-60’s that having some cognitive difficulties … and I think he’s on that end of the spectrum," Jackson said.

"He’s just not aging gracefully at this point. I’m just asking them, when you do the physical exam include the cognitive assessment. As far as I’m concerned the standard precedent has been set and they need to follow and do the same."

Jackson also spoke with Sean Hannity last month and said: "We can’t sit on this any longer. He’s not physically or cognitively fit to be our president right now."

The former White House physician said he is aware of the demands of the presidency but said the Democrat is not "inspiring confidence" on the global stage.

He branded Biden’s performance with world leaders “embarrassing” and said Americans need a president who they can trust, Mail Online reports.

The Texas lawmaker revealed he would be sending the letter to Biden and his team.

It is addressed to the president, his physician Dr. Kevin O'Connor and Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci.

It calls on Biden to submit to a cognitive ability test and share the results with the country.

Jackson told The Hill: "Just everything that has been going on for the last year and a half … [Biden] doesn't know what's going on, where he's at. He's very confused all the time.

"They deserve to know that he or she can perform the duties demanded of the office, and they deserve to have full transparency on the mental state of their highest elected leader."

The president, who is gaffe-prone, has blundered several times over recent months.

He confused Syria with Libya three times during a press conference at the G7 summit.

Biden told American troops stationed at RAF Mildenhall that he kept forgetting he’s president and referred to the Royal Air Force as the RFA.

The president claimed that the US hospital beds will be overwhelmed by Americans suffering from Alzheimer’s in two decades.

Fact-checkers for the Washington Post revealed that there is no basis for the claims.

Biden also unintentionally told Americans earning less than $400,000 that they wouldn’t have to pay any taxes as he revealed his spending plans.

And in March, Biden was caught tripping over the steps of Air Force One in an embarrassing blunder.

The stumble prompted calls for Biden's impeachment as some said he was "unfit" for office.

It is not the first time that Jackson, who served as a physician for Obama and Trump, has questioned Biden's cognitive abilities.

He tried to bring the issue into focus during last year's presidential campaign.

In October, he claimed Biden "does not have the mental capacity, the cognitive ability to serve as our commander in chief".

Jackson's credibility has been called into question in the past surrounding claims about Trump's health and cognitive ability.

In 2018, Jackson said Trump had "excellent" cardiac health despite his "junk food" diet.

Jackson also said Trump scored a perfect 30 out of 30 on a cognitive test, and was exactly one pound below what is considered as “obese.”

When asked about this assessment, Jackson said it was due to Trump's “incredibly good genes, and it’s just the way God made him."

Biden said that he intends to take a medical examination this year and the results will be disclosed to the public.

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