Rotorua Black Power women inflict brutal attack over methamphetamine debt

Warning: Distressing content

A gang of women connected to Black Power twice kidnapped a woman and violently beat her over suspicion that she stole methamphetamine from their ringleader.

The Rotorua woman, whose ordeal included being bound, gagged and smashed over the head with an aluminium baseball bat, was rescued by other Black Power members contacted by her family.

Details of the savage bashings involving women connected to Black Power Sisters Rotorua Fordblock have been revealed in court documents released to the Rotorua Daily Post.

In the Rotorua District Court last month, Rickylee Dixon, her daughter Daisy Dixon and associate Harete Ohlson admitted their involvement in the attack.

Angela Dehar, Shaun Te Kiri and a youth have also admitted involvement. Daisey Rifle – Rickylee Dixon’s mother – was also charged but died this year with her case unresolved.

Charges included kidnapping, participating in an organised group, injuring with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, blackmail and wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

The police summary said many of those involved in the attack were meth users prone to erratic and violent behaviour.

On June 25 last year, Rickylee got the victim to drive her to court in her car. Rickylee was held in custody, leaving the woman with her vehicle.

The summary said the woman left Rickylee’s car at an associate’s house. When Rickylee was released four days later, she accused the woman of stealing methamphetamine that she had left in the car – something the woman denied.

Rickylee is described in the summary as being the ringleader, or “prez”, of the Black Power Sisters Rotorua Fordblock group.

At Rickylee’s direction, at about 4am on September 12 last year, the woman was taken from her home to the Dixons’ Meadowbank Crescent home.

The woman’s father was called and told to bring money to keep her alive. He arrived with $1,500 cash but Rickylee told him it wasn’t enough.

The woman was kept in the home until her father returned with more money and said he could get more if his daughter was released.

Rickylee ordered him out of the house, turned up music and beat the woman with an aluminium baseball bat, smashing her body about 10 times.

Daisy Dixon bashed her with a bat for about 10 minutes, using such force that the bat broke in half and the woman’s head split open, the summary said.

The father was forced to wait in the lounge, listening to his daughter being beaten.

The victim was eventually told she could leave. Her father was told not to contact police and to get more money to ensure his daughter’s safety.

A week later, he was sent threatening texts demanding money. He made several payments to Rickylee but she arranged to kidnap the woman again.

The woman, under the impression that they were going to buy meth, was picked up on October 21. But when they arrived she saw Rickylee.

She feared for her safety but also did not want to be dragged out of the vehicle because it could traumatise a young child sitting next to her, so she got out.

She was driven around in different cars by a group of people. At one point Daisy was driving with Shaun Te Kiri in the front passenger seat, armed with a knife and a sword.

The summary said the group talked about the woman being a hostage and they would get some money.

The woman’s father paid the group a few thousand dollars but they didn’t let her go.

The woman was left locked in the parked car at a bar for a period before being driven around Fordlands, then back to the bar where she was put into the boot.

Throughout her ordeal, the woman was concerned for her safety and didn’t resist and did as she was told.

The victim was driven to the Kowhai and Colonial Motel, where Rickylee was living after being evicted in August. Her mother lived in the unit next door.

Daisey Rifle was asked to watch the woman.

At 7am the next day, Harete Ohlson arrived, joining Daisy, the youth, Angela Dehar, Daisey, Rickylee and the woman.

Rickylee told the group “we’re going to get more money” and “we’re not finished with her yet”.

They put the woman in the tray of a ute and arranged to meet her father but the two groups missed each other.

They returned to the motel mid-morning and Rickylee told the woman her dad was “a piece of ****” and had “reneged” on the deal.

The woman was beaten for 40 minutes, with music turned up loud to mask the sound.

Rickylee punched her in the face and Harete Ohlson dragged her by her hair while punching her.

Ohlson told her she was going to get the “hiding of her life”.

Daisy smashed her with a baseball bat, splitting her head and breaking her nose.

Ohlson pulled the woman’s arm backwards, causing “excruciating pain” and an audible snap. At one point, she got free and ran to the door but Dehar blocked her.

Daisey Rifle and the youth were present and did nothing to stop the assault, the summary said.

The woman’s hands were tied behind her back and a sock put in her mouth to stop her screaming. Ohlson and Daisy Dixon tied a blue bandanna to hold the sock in place.

She was punched and kicked to the head, kidney area and lower back.

Rickylee came in and the three continued the beating. The victim’s legs were bound with a belt and she was dragged, kicked, punched and elbowed.

Daisy Dixon smashed a tomahawk on her head. Rickylee told her to stop.

The woman urinated on herself, was struggling to breathe and was in and out of consciousness, the summary said.

Daisy picked up a pair of hedge clippers and the woman could feel the blade on the end of her fingers just as Rickylee got a phone call and stopped Daisy.

The woman had blood pouring down the back of her throat and felt like she was drowning.

Rickylee took photos, saying she was sending them to the woman’s father and demanding he pay more.

She said if that did not work then they would kill her, the summary said.

The summary said Daisey Rifle entered the room and told her daughter, Rickylee, “just ******* kill the *****”.

Rickylee said they would take her body to her father’s home and dump her, then kill him.

The woman was slumped over in a chair fighting to stay conscious. She believed if she passed out she would die.

The group was worried police would come so they wrapped the woman in a sheet and put her in the back of the ute.

Police were alerted by a member of the public about noises from the unit but the woman was in the ute by the time they arrived, covered with a canopy with tinted glass.

The summary said the woman stayed quiet, petrified that if she made any noises and was not rescued, she would be killed.

Still bound and wrapped, she was driven to a sleepout on Harold Crescent. Rickylee kept trying to contact the woman’s father.

The victim was put in the back seat and they left again. Shortly afterwards, the car was stopped by Black Power gang members alerted by the woman’s family.

The gang members got her to safety and she was admitted to hospital.

Her extensive injuries included a broken elbow which needed surgery, two black eyes, significant bruising and swelling, cuts, ligature marks on her wrists and a lip wound.

They will be sentenced on December 13.

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