Royal footman ‘lucky to be alive’ as Buckingham Palace glass panel falls on head

A royal footman reportedly had to be raced to hospital from Buckingham Palace after he was smacked on the head by a falling glass panel.

Unlucky Louis Williams was allegedly found unconscious and covered in bruises and cuts.

The 22-year-old was on duty and walking along a covered path before the freak accident happened, reports The Sun.

His mates described Louis as being “in a bad way” and said he was lucky to still be alive.

A pal told the paper: “It’s been terrible. I can’t believe how the glass fell on him. He was in a bad way.”

Buckingham Palace, which first started being built in 1703, is currently undergoing repairs.

Building works are set to take 10 years to finish and are costing £369 million – despite reports Her Majesty will never move back to live there.

The 95-year-old monarch enjoyed lunch at the Buckingham estate just last week, but had only been twice in the past two years and hadn’t slept there since before the pandemic.

Despite this, it remains the central base of the British monarchy and a variety of royal engagements are routinely carried out there.

One source added: “Luckily the Queen wasn’t there. What if the glass had fallen on her? It doesn’t bear thinking about.”

Louis’s family didn’t want to comment but a different source said: “Louis was very lucky to only have suffered cuts and bruises — but he has scars and head injuries. Everyone is saying he is very lucky to be alive.

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“They have spent years and millions of pounds renovating the palace — but bits are still falling down.”

A Buckingham Palace spokesman said: “The health and safety of our staff is of paramount importance.

“The remaining glass panels were immediately removed, an investigation into the incident launched and an independent examination of all glass-covered canopies was carried out.”

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