Russia fighter jet intercepts US and German aircraft after panic near border

A Russian fighter jet intercepted a German and American aircraft after sparking panic near the border.

Russia’s National Defense Control Center reported the move yesterday, and said: "A Su-27 fighter from the Baltic Fleet’s air defense quick reaction alert forces was scrambled to intercept the targets.

"The crew of the Russian fighter approached the aerial targets at a safe distance, identified them as a US Air Force P-8A Poseidon and a German Air Force P-3C Orion maritime patrol aircraft and escorted them over the Baltic Sea."

An alarm was triggered by Russian airspace control systems on Friday, reported The Centre.

Though there was panic near the border – neither the US nor the German plane crossed the border, reports Express.

Once the US aircraft turned away from Russia’s state border, the Russian fighter returned to its home airfield.

The Center said: "The entire flight of the Russian fighters proceeded in strict compliance with the international rules of using the airspace."

Russian fighter jets have been mobilised six times in the last week to prevent violations of Russia’s borders.

Forty-three foreign reconnaissance planes and six reconnaissance drones were observed near Russian borders last week, the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper reported.

All were traced by Russian radars.

Speaking at a briefing on Friday, Valery Gerasimov, Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces claimed after the completion of the Kavkaz-2020 military drills, the United States and other NATO nations had been conducting military activities between 20-30 kilometers off the Russian border.

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He cited as an example flights of NATO planes and the presence of NATO naval forces in the Barents, Baltic, and Black seas.

The Baltic is a source of frequent tension between Russia and the West.

In June, RAF jets were similarly scrambled to intercept a Russian spy plane and two fighters over the Baltic Sea off the coast of Lithuania – two days after another, similar incident.

Royal Air Force Typhoon fighter jets tracked a Russian Il-20 COOT A intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance plane plus two Russian Su-27 Flanker B aircraft.

Two days earlier, Typhoons were similar deployed to intercept an Il-20 COOT A, also over the waterway.

Tory MP Sir Roger Gale last month told Russia's operations in the Baltic and Arctic regions indicated why Vladimir Putin's country, not China, represented the biggest threat to UK security.

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Sir Roger said he was "absolutely" convinced the current preoccupation with Beijing had led many in the UK to "take its eye off the ball" when it came to the more direct and immediate menace presented by Moscow.

He said: "The real threat is Russia, not China, make no mistake about it.

"We are talking about a new Soviet Union.

"I play a game sometimes – you take an atlas, open up a map of northern Europe, turn it around and look at it from the North Pole down.

"You suddenly realise what Russia is about, and what their territorial ambitions are and where – it's so simple, the game Putin is playing."

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