Russia ‘ready for colossal war’ with ‘100 missiles a day’, state TV host warns

A Russian state TV host has threatened that Vladimir Putin’s troops are ready for a “colossal war” with NATO and warned they will soon be able to utilise 100 missiles a day to aid the fight.

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is nearing its fourth month, and there have been suggestions on Kremlin-sponsored channels that supporters of the regime are growing restless at the current stalemate.

This has led some anchors to reject the leader’s assertion that the conflict in Ukraine is a “special military operation”, with one news anchor even declaring that World War Three has started.

Now, Andrey Gurulyov, a State Duma member has rubbished claims that Russian forces are running out of missiles and weapons, and told viewers that the soldiers are ready for a European war.

“Unlike Ukraine, our industrial complex is working. The average rate of our missile usage, Iskanders, the MX missiles, Kalibir and the rest, is about 30 [per day],” he said, in a clip translated and shared by journalist Julia Davis on Twitter.

“By the end of the year, it should go up to 100 per day. 100 missiles per day, even counting 2 per target, that means 50 destroyed targets, guaranteed.”

And, with concerns that escalating the violence in Ukraine might lead to NATO’s intervention – and a possible nuclear war – Gurulyov was not worried about the forces’ ability to fight.

“We have to consider every option up to a big colossal war – and be ready for it… We’re ready,” he claimed.

During the debate, the pundits blamed NATO for the conflict’s potential escalation, after reports that the UK ignored Putin’s threats and continued to send long-range missiles to Ukraine.

Alexander Sosnovsky, a blogger who lives in Germany, stressed: “What we see right now in the east of Ukraine, egging on the entire world against Russia, this is an old plan they’re trying to realise.

The commentator even suggested that, despite the repeated nuclear threats made on Russian State TV since the beginning of the conflict, it is countries in the West that are plotting nuclear destruction.

“About NATO’s involvement in a nuclear arms race, I think that is the matter of several weeks. That issue will now constantly be raised everywhere.

“This is an initial signal for the beginning of a pre-nuclear race and a potential nuclear conflict.”

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