Russian girl, 13, forced into orphanage after drawing anti-war picture

Russian schoolgirl, 13, is forced into an orphanage and her father ‘violently interrogated’ by Putin’s men after she drew anti-Ukrainian invasion picture in art lesson

  • Masha Moskaleva, 13, has been put in an orphanage away from her family 
  • The schoolgirl drew a Ukrainian flag with ‘Glory to Ukraine’ written on it
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A Russian schoolgirl who drew an anti-Ukrainian invasion picture in a lesson at school was taken away from her family. 

Masha Moskaleva, 13, was removed from her father, Alexei Moskalev, 53, after officials decided the single father was raising his child ‘incorrectly’. 

Alexei was ‘violently’ questioned by security officers after Masha made the piece of art at school. 

The Russian state banned any statement that ‘discredits the military’ after the invasion of Ukraine just over a year ago.  

ODV-Info says 544 children have been incarcerated in some way by the Russian state over anti-war protests and that at least 19 teachers have been fired for questioning Vladimir Putin’s illegal invasion.

Masha Moskaleva, 13, was removed from her father, Alexei Moskalev, 53, after she made a piece of anti-war artwork in school 

Alexei Moskalev, 53, has been placed under house arrest by the Russian regime and is not allowed to contact anyone or go out, even for food 

The 13-year-old depicted a courageous woman defying Putin’s bombs and shielding her child from harm. 

A Ukrainian flag was also featured in the image, which had the slogans ‘Glory to Ukraine’ and ‘No to war’ written on it. 

A teacher at Masha’s school reported her picture to the principal, who alerted the police in Yefremov, south of Moscow. 

The Federal Security Service visited the school following the reports, according to The Mirror.  

Alexei said his daughter had run home from school after drawing the pictures, as officers were waiting for her outside the gates. 

He shared a photo of his teenage daughter and said she had given officers a fake name to escape them. 

‘She was scared and I promised I would come to her school and wait for her until classes were over.’

But the next day the devoted father was ‘violently interrogated’ and Masha was sent to an orphanage. 

The Russian state banned any statement that ‘discredits the military’ after the invasion of Ukraine just over a year ago (Putin pictured in March)

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Alexei is now under house arrest and faces a prison term for speaking out against the Russian regime. 

A volunteer who has been trying to help the family said he is not allowed to communicate with anyone and can’t even go shopping for food. 

‘No one knows what happened to the girl. She was last seen on March 1,’ Alyona Agafonova said. 

She added that she hasn’t been able to make contact with Masha, despite going to the orphanage. 

‘On March 6, I passed a phone to her to have her call me. But I have not heard from her.’

Last month Putin ordered his FSB counterintelligence service to crackdown on ‘scum’ who oppose him. 

In an address at the agency’s security college in Moscow, he said it was ‘necessary to identify and stop the illegal activities of those who are trying to divide and weaken our society; to use separatism, nationalism, neo-Nazism and xenophobia as weapons’.

Putin said Russia had always experienced such activity. ‘And now the attempts, of course, are at their most active. Attempts to activate all this scum on our land.’

Putin also called for the domestic security service to step up its activity to counter what he said was increasing espionage against Russia by Ukraine and the West.

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