Russian prisoners load dead comrades into tank they’re using as makeshift hearse

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Harrowing new footage has been uploaded to Telegram that purports to show captured Russian soldiers in Ukraine using one of their armoured tanks as a hearse to ferry away their dead comrades.

The caption on the 24-second video reads sardonically: "The captured invaders found something to do, to load the dead invaders."

The footage shows two soldiers removing a body bag from what appears to be a pick-up truck loaded with other corpses, before putting it into the people carrier.

A third soldier, holding a white flag, is filmed watching them. It’s unclear if the flag waver is Russian or Ukrainian.

The footage has emerged as the Russians fail to clinch the lightning-fast victory they’d been confident they would manage.

Although the brutality of their attacks is being stepped up – including by using hypersonic missiles and attempting to wipe out entire cities – many Western observers believe Russian president Vladimir Putin’s troops are struggling to achieve their goals, and their progress has been slowed down by staunch Ukrainian resistance.

Problems with their supply lines as well as issues with some of their equipment have hindered them, and some of their tanks have got stuck in mud.

Video was released recently of a humiliating retreat by Russian tanks in an ambush, and Putin’s forces have still failed to take Kyiv.

The Telegram video comes as a former British Army sniper who’s volunteering in Ukraine and who has seen some of the fighting there says the Taliban would have done a better job occupying the country than the Russians have done.

Shane Matthew, 34, who served two tours of Afghanistan, said he had witnessed a dozen of Putin’s soldiers “panic” after a firefight broke out when they entered the city of Irpin, near Kyiv.

He told The Times that most of the Russian troops were killed while the others all fled.

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Meanwhile, Ukrainian troops have deployed a new anti-tank weapon that they received from Germany which can reportedly destroy any Russian tank.

The Panzerfaust 3-IT was designed in the Cold War after West Germany ordered the weapon that could pierce through Soviet armour.

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