Russian tank gets ‘annihilated’ in Donetsk as annexed region in danger

Ukrainian military annihilate Russian vehicle

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An abandoned Russian tank in Donetsk countryside burst into flames after a Ukrainian bomb hit a mine nearby. The field appeared safe until a Ukrainian drone dropped a bomb on the minefield. The attack led to a fiery explosion, with a deflagration that reportedly destroyed the Ukrainian drone.

The Ukraine Weapons Tracker Twitter account, which has been debunking and tracking the usage and capture of material in Ukraine, said: “An abandoned Russian UR-77 mine clearing charge launcher was destroyed by the 79th Air Assault Brigade using a drone-dropped munition.

“The drone which dropped the bomb was destroyed by the blast – no wonder, since the UZP-77 line charge consists of 725kg of explosives.”

In the aftermath of the blast, nothing was left of the vehicle except a hole in the ground. 

Geoconfirmed, which geolocates Russian and Ukrainian attacks on the battelfield, said the attack took place in Marinka, in the annexed eastern province of Donetsk after “a valuable Russian UR-77 Meteorit mine clearing vehicle was completely annihilated by Ukrainian paratroopers of the 79th Air Assault Brigade.”

In a possible sign of dwindling Russian forces, Vladimir Putin has declared martial law in Donetsk and the three other annexed provinces where Russia controls territory after officials warned of a looming Ukrainian assault on the key southern city of Kherson.

“We are working on solving very complex, large-scale tasks to ensure a reliable future for Russia, the future of our people,” the Russian president said in televised remarks to members of his security council.

Meanwhile, civilians from the Russian-controlled Ukrainian city of Kherson have been told to evacuate “as soon as possible”.

Ukrainian troops “will shortly begin an offensive against the city of Kherson,” said Kirill Stremousov, the Russian-installed deputy head of the Kherson region.

In a late night post on Telegram, he called on the the civilians “to take my words seriously and take them to mean: the fastest possible evacuation.”

Russian forces in Kherson were reportedly driven back by 12-18 miles in the last few weeks, as Ukrainian troops keep making gains.

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In response to Putin’s country-wide attacks on Ukrainian energy infrastructure, President Zelensky said officials are working hard to create mobile power points. 

The Ukrainian President met senior officials on Wednesday to discuss measures to help “eliminate the consequences in the event of a breakdown of the energy system of Ukraine”.

He added: “We are working to create mobile power points for the critical infrastructure of cities, towns and villages. We are preparing for various scenarios of possible consequences. Ukraine will defend itself. No matter what the enemy plans and does.”

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