Russian tanks get stuck in mud as disastrous Ukraine invasion hits new lows

Russia's armed forces were brutally mocked after video emerged of five of their tanks getting defeated by Ukraine's muddy terrain.

The military convoy was found abandoned in the region of Chernihiv, which was under relentless shellings in northern part of Ukraine, and was reportedly seized by the Territorial Defence Forces.

Footage shared on Reddit shows the Russian military vehicles being mired in the mud with the hatches open, suggesting the Russian soldiers abandoned the equipment and were forced to leave on foot.

This came after Ukrainian farmers were spotted towing a Russian tank across a field to "sell it for scrap" and a group of brave fighters were seen taking a joyride on a "captured Russian tank".

Western military experts said the column of abandoned Russian tanks in mud is "an example of poor planning".

Mykola Beleskov, a Ukrainian military analyst, said: "There were already numerous episodes when Russian tanks and other equipment drove into the fields and got stuck.

"So the soldiers had to leave the equipment and go on foot.

"The situation will worsen as the weather warms up and the rains start, it’ll just chain them to the ground."

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One Marine who worked as a former tank maintainer told military news outlet Task & Purpose: "Tanks and mud are not friends.

"If you have a 40 to 70-ton vehicle where all of its weight is focused on a two-foot wide piece of steel or metal, it’ll just sink when confronted with mud or soft terrain in general."

Reddit users commented that Vladimir Putin might lose the war to mud given the weather change in warmer months.

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One said: "That's when General Mud takes over. Hitler lost to General Mud and so will 'Putler'."

"Putin's a f***ing idiot. Prior to the terrorists invasion I knew nothing about how uniquely muddy Ukraine can get," a second wrote. "I found out about the mud in a news article on day one of the attack."

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