Saint John’s ‘beloved’ snow leopard dies unexpectedly at zoo

“We were shocked as there were no clinical signs or changes in her behavior leading up to her untimely death,” stated the zoo. 

The zoo also noted that their vet had observed healthy body condition, excellent teeth and well-maintained claws.

Lexie has been sent to the University of Prince Edward Island for a post-mortem to determine the cause of death, but the zoo said that “preliminary tests showed no abnormalities or obvious cause of death.”

The zoo added that they expect results within two to three weeks.

“The staff mourns the loss of Lexie, as she was deeply loved by her keepers and had built a particularity special bond with us over the last year,” said the zoo.

“She trusted us to start taking food from tongs, allowing keepers to get a closer look at her physical condition and to be able to administer medication as needed. She began greeting us inside her building and would play with us during evenings and early mornings.”

Lexie has been living at the zoo for 14 years.

The zoo has said that if anyone gets a chance to visit them during the March break, to bring in a card or a letter expressing their love or memory of her.

“In Lexie’s memory, hold your fur babies a little tighter tonight, be grateful for each moment we have together, and live each day as the gift it truly is.”

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