Samantha Markle insists Meghan’s father HAS met Prince Harry

Duchess of Sussex’s half-sister Samantha Markle insists their father HAS enjoyed a secret meeting with ‘gentlemanly’ Prince Harry as she defends his staged paparazzi photos

  • Samantha Markle, 53, claimed her father and Harry met in an interview with RTE
  • Thomas Markle, 73, has previously said he and the prince have only had a call
  • Ms Markle did not give any details about when or where the meeting took place 
  • Samantha also said she had persuaded her father to stage the paparazzi photos
  • Meghan’s father was caught orchestrating a photoshoot in LA before wedding 

Samantha Markle has claimed her father Thomas did meet with Prince Harry before the royal wedding despite his insistence they have never spoken face-to-face.

Speaking in a fiery interview with Irish television network RTE, Meghan Markle’s half sister said Thomas, 73, who was unable to attend the royal wedding because of an illness, met his son-in-law in the run up to the big day in June.

However, Thomas Markle himself previously told Good Morning Britain a month after the royal wedding that he had never met the Prince, saying: ‘We’ve had interesting conversations on the phone. He’s a smart guy.’

When asked by Ray D’Arcy during Saturday’s interview if her father had met Harry, Samantha said: ‘Yes he did and I’m not at liberty to discuss the details of that, but they did.’

Samantha Markle said in an interview on Irish TV on Saturday that she had persuaded her father to take the staged photos

Samantha said her father had in fact met with Harry despite his claims a month after the wedding that he has never spoken with the Prince face-to-face

Samantha Markle turning up at the TV studios in Dublin for the interview with RTE on Saturday evening 

She claimed that the chat between the pair had been ‘Respectful’ and ‘positive’ for both of them and that Harry was ‘quite gentlemanly’.

‘They did the right thing. When you’re going to marry someone’s daughter you want to ask appropriately and be respectful, and they both were,’ Samantha continued.

‘The public knew nothing about the meeting.’

Ms Markle did not say where or when the meeting had taken place. 

She also seized the opportunity to defend her father over revelations he had staged photos in exchange for money just weeks before the wedding.

‘It wasn’t meant to suggest anything, he was really doing those things,’ Samantha claimed.

‘The paparazzi were out there taking horrible pictures. I said “You can’t let them disparage you like this Dad, this is not you”.’

In an interview with Good Morning Britain back in June Thomas Markle (pictured) said he had only ever spoken to Prince Harry on the phone

Thomas Markle was caught staging several photos in collaboration with paparazzi in Los Angeles before his daughter’s wedding

CCTV images from the internet cafe, however, showed Mr Markle working with a photographer to set up the shoot 

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‘Just like when you pass out a business card, you have a right to be seen in the public as you really are.’ 

‘So I said “Dad, have someone take photos of you so the world and the British royal family can see you as you really are, it’s only right.’

A series of photographs, printed earlier this year, aroused suspicion after showing Mr Markle exercising in public, reading a book called ‘Images of Britain’, being measured for a suit, and looking up pictures of his daughter in an internet cafe. 

But in May this year Thomas Markle was exposed after the Mail on Sunday published CCTV images showing him collaborating with a photographer, walking into the cafe with him and setting up the best angle.

‘Everyone said, “Do you think it’s wrong to stage photos?” I said, “No, I think it’s wrong to disparage someone and purposefully take horrible photos and say horrible things about them that are not true”.’

Samantha Markle visits Kensington Palace to hand a letter over to her half sister, Meghan Markle but is turned away

In an exclusive interview with DailyMailTV, Samantha Markle denied attempting to demand to see her sister and described the visit to the UK as ‘a wonderful experience’

Last week Samantha hit the headlines once again after turning up in London to give a letter to her half-sister the Duchess of Sussex.

Pictures taken outside Kensington Palace show her appearing to be turned away by a security guard. 

But she said of the incident during Saturday’s interview that ‘it was all positive there was no negativity and no demands’.

‘If I was rejected or shunned or turned away I would not have been quite so positive,’ she said. ‘It was not my goal to show up or get an invite and crash the gates I’m not that rude and tacky.

Samantha claimed she had been ‘sightseeing’ and that it was nothing like ‘what the media made it out to be’. 

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