Samantha Markle ‘in talks with Hollywood producers’

Samantha Markle ‘in talks with Hollywood producers’ to turn her book about Meghan where brands her ‘Princess Pushy’ into a film or TV series

  • Bride-to-be’s half-sister has made repeated TV appearances in wedding run-up
  • Samantha is considering selling rights to book ‘Diary of Princess Push’s Sister’
  • She’s attacked Meghan in comments to media and was accused of cashing in
  • It emerged today she will host a ‘formal’ party at her Florida home on Saturday 

Meghan Markle’s half-sister is already ‘in talks with Hollywood’ producers about turning her upcoming book The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister into a film or series.

Samantha Markle, the royal bride-to-be’s estranged half-sister, confirmed she is considering selling off the rights to her unreleased autobiography.

‘I have been approached to sell the rights. My book is more of a sociological journey,’ Samantha told The Sun. 

‘It’s paralleled my sister’s life being doubly marginalised as a biracial woman. It does talk about our family, but it has never been gossipy at all.’

Meghan Markle’s half-sister is hosting a party at her home on Saturday after she was not invited to the real royal wedding following a series of controversial claims she has made

The sibling however insisted she had taken no joy or gained financially from her notoriously difficult relationship with Meghan.

She also downplayed rumours the Markle family was actively pitching a Kardashian-style reality show, dubbed Meet the Markles. 

Samantha, who uses a wheelchair because she suffers with MS, went on to criticise her own nephew Tyler, who chose to cash in on Meghan’s wedding to Prince Harry instead of tending to Meghan’s father after his heart attack.

She added: ‘Tyler wanted to run around being big shots in London for photo opportunities while my father is suffering in hospital.

It comes after she announced plans to hold a formal wedding party at her home in Florida this weekend.

Samantha has repeatedly been in the spotlight in the run up toPrince Harry’s wedding, even vowing to write a tell-all book about their relationship.

After she was not invited to the real wedding in Windsor, it emerged today that she will host a party at her home in Silver Springs, Florida.

Samantha and her boyfriend will host friends at a formal party at their home in Silver Springs

Guests are being told to come in formal attire, with US gossip website TMZ reporting Samantha is planning to wearing a smart dress and ‘vintage art deco hat’. 

Samantha, 53, told the website she still loves Meghan and it will be ‘bittersweet’ to watch Meghan walk down the aisle.

Samantha will be drafting in off-duty police officers to keep out any gatecrashers, TMZ reported.

In repeated rants to the media, Samantha, who suffers from multiple sclerosis and uses a wheelchair, has portrayed Meghan as ‘narcissistic and selfish’ and claimed her half-sister had disowned her because of her disability. 

Yesterday, hitting back at Meghan’s reported pleas for her to stop sniping, she even invoked the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, saying angrily: ‘She’s not going to tell me that I can’t speak about my life. I’m not going to take it.’

But it is understood her views have recently mellowed and she now feels love towards her half-sister. 

Samantha is not close to Meghan and has been accused of ‘cashing in’ on the royal wedding

Ms Markle previously said she had encouraged her father to do a deal with paparazzi, the discovery of which has partly led to his decision not to attend the wedding.

She has also hit out at Kensington Palace for not helping her and Meghan’s father Thomas after his heart attack, claiming she had to send him money.

She said his heart condition had been ‘life-threatening’ and he needed surgery, and that afterwards she had to ‘send my father money twice by MoneyGram because he needed it’.

Dismissing reports that Kensington Palace had offered support for her father in Mexico, she claimed: ‘That is not true or he would not have been living in his place, he’d have a reliable vehicle, he’d have security.’ 

During one of a series of TV appearances this week, she was branded a ‘little vulture’ by Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan. 

In an explosive exchange, Mr Morgan asked her: ‘How much money have you made from trashing Meghan Markle?’ to which Samantha replied: ‘Not very much’.

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