Saudi prince MbS ‘hacked Bezos’ phone and leaked details of Lauren Sanchez affair for political reasons’, lawsuit claims – The Sun

SAUDI prince MbS allegedly "hacked Jeff Bezos' phone and leaked details of Lauren Sanchez affair for political reasons", a lawsuit has claimed.

The lawsuit came amid allegations that Michael Sanchez – Lauren's brother – leaked texts between the couple, revealing the affair to the National Enquirer.

The leak of Bezos' affair came just a day after he and his wife Mackenzie Bezos announced their divorce.

Sanchez has denied claims that he gave information to the paper on the affair, and has launched a lawsuit alleging the Saudi prince was involved.

Court documents allege that Bezos – who owns The Washington Post – published "a number of articles highly critical of President Donald J. Trump’s… character and policies as well as the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman’s (“MbS”) oppressive regime."

The lawsuit then claims that to retaliate against the articles, MbS "hacked" the billionaire's phone.

"As retribution for negative press coverage in the Post, Mr. Sanchez alleges that MbS and the Saudi government hacked Mr. Bezos’s cell phone in May 2018 by tricking Mr. Bezos into unknowingly installing illegal spyware," the lawsuit claimed.

The lawsuit alleged: "Through this spyware, MbS illegal procured knowledge and evidence of Mr. Bezos’s affair with Ms. Sanchez, and later illegally shared it" with American Media Inc (AMI), who then owned the National Enquirer.

Court documents claim the actions were "confirmed by investigations by Mr.
Bezos’s head of security, Mr. Gavin de Becker (Mr. de Becker”) and was the subject of investigations by the U.S. Department of Justice and the United Nations Human Rights Commission."

The lawsuit alleges that the news source then began to "plot a 'hit piece' on Mr. Bezos by publishing embarrassing details of his personal life."

Documents claim the media company and others "were desperate to unfairly and untruthfully blame Mr. Sanchez in order avoid criminal consequences for illegally obtaining the Pornographic Materials and extorting Mr. Bezos."

Despite Michael working as his sister's manager and knowing about her affair, the court documents claim he "was not and could not have been the source of the Pornographic
Materials because he never possessed them."

The lawsuit comes amid a wave of back-and-forth allegations with Bezos, Lauren, and Michael.

Bezos and his security consultant insist they never specifically accused Michael Sanchez of leaking the private part pictures.

In an earlier statement to the website TMZ, Lauren said: “Michael is my older brother. He secretly provided my most personal information to the National Enquirer – a deep and unforgivable betrayal.

“My family is hurting over this… we truly hope my brother finds peace.”

Bezos had also previously shared email messages between AMI, The National Enquirer's parent company, with threats over exposing nude pictures unless de Becker publicly stated the leak did not occur because of "any form of electronic eavesdropping or hacking in their news-gathering process."


"Rather than capitulate to extortion and blackmail, I’ve decided to publish exactly what they sent me, despite the personal cost and embarrass­ment they threaten," Bezos said in a blog post, exposing the emails.

Saudi Arabia has denied the claims, calling them "nonsense".

AMI also maintains they did not obtain any information illegally, and say the pictures came from Michael Sanchez.

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