Save Iran nuke deal, says Voice of The Mirror

Donald Trump is Britain’s worst US ally for many a decade, a loose cannon who wants us to replace what was a special relationship with subservience.

We and our true friends in Europe, Germany and France, must stand up for the successful no-nuclear weapons deal with Iran that the US President is seeking to destroy.

Hopefully China and Russia, also part of the six-nation group which signed the 2015 pact, will continue to back a treaty which is helping to avert another war in the Middle East.

Should the US impose economic sanctions on any UK firm trading legitimately with Iran, Britain must retaliate economically against America in concert with the European Union.

Nations that value peace must not be duped into following Trump’s senseless decisions.

Win for sense

Parliament served the public interest in voting down score-settling attempts to shackle our free press.

Democracy is best served by speaking truth unto power so, for once, we’re relieved Labour lost in the House of Commons.

Bids by a minority of MPs to set up a second Leveson tribunal and to force newspapers that win data battles to pay losers’ bills are merely attempts to deliver punishment beatings.

Tough lessons have been learned from past scandals, and the media’s behaviour has changed for the better. The Independent Press Standards Organisation is a regulator with real clout – so we urge all politicians to move on.

Honest mistakes must be corrected swiftly and newspapers, including the Daily Mirror, are accountable above all else to their readers.

Let Westminster look forward instead of continuing to pursue a pointless vendetta.

Sheer magic

Ed Sheeran earning far, far more by the age of 27 than most of us would amass in 100 lifetimes is some success.

The rich sounds of his songs have brought Ed that unimaginable wealth – and are why he is part of music’s A Team.

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