‘Self-important’ Prince Andrew demanded Spielberg come to HIM to collect award at ceremony where he snuck in Ghislaine

PRINCE Andrew demanded Steven Spielberg come to meet him during a Bafta ceremony in Los Angeles, an insider has claimed.

The source said Andrew also snuck Ghislaine Maxwell into the event, held in Beverley Hills in 2000, and was often a "complete pain" and "full of self-importance".

The claims come as Andrew faces ongoing scrutiny over his association with Maxwell and her former boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein.

Maxwell is currently awaiting trial in New York on charges of enticement of minors, sex trafficking of children, and perjury, while Epstein killed himself last year while being held on similar charges.

One of Epstein's trafficking victims, Virginia Roberts, has alleged that she was forced to have sex with Andrew on three occasions when aged 17 in 2001.

Both Andrew and Maxwell have strongly denied any wrongdoing.

Andrew attended the Bafta event, a ceremony for the Britannia Awards staged in the Central Plaza Hotel, to present director Steven Spielberg with the Stanley Kubrick Britannia Award for Excellence In Film.

Luminaries in the audience included Russell Crowe and Pierce Brosnan.

One source who was also a guest said that organisers found Andrew difficult from the beginning.

“He was seated in a special area beforehand and when he was asked to go through the hotel to meet Spielberg he said, ‘Why can’t he come to me?’” they said.

“Everyone had to explain it was because of security at the hotel and the way things were planned out for the ceremony.

“Andrew would regularly be invited to Bafta events in LA and he was often a complete pain, full of self-importance.”

The source also said Andrew brought Maxwell to the event without an invite and asked for her to be sat at a top table.

“[Andrew] kept looking over his shoulder and we were told ‘Oh, Andrew has brought a woman with him, and she needs a good seat’," the source said.

“Everyone was introduced to the mysterious Miss Maxwell and she ended up sitting on a top table with the British Consulate-General and other distinguished guests.”

Photographs from the night show Maxwell posing with actresses Denise Richards and Jessica Capshaw.

Representatives for Prince Andrew have been approached for comment.

The reports come after US court filings revealed that a probe into Epstein's sex trafficking network "remains active” and could lead to the arrest of his “co-conspirators”.

Maxwell remains the only one of Epstein's former associates to have been charged.

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