Shark drags fisherman overboard and capsizes kayak in terrifying footage

This is the nail-biting moment a fisherman was dragged into the water by a powerful shark as they battled off the Irish Coast.

Graham Smith, from Moville, County Donegal, had caught a porbeagle shark – a close relative of the feared great white – off Donegal in Ireland when things took a turn for the worst.

Dramatic footage shows the ocean predator keenly pursuing the bait with its teeth bared.

The angler desperately tries to fight for control of his fishing rod as the shark drags the line behind him and over his shoulder.

It then drags the rod into the side of the boat and tilts the kayak so much that it capsizes.

Graham is thrown into the water but manages flip his back back over with some help from the crew who were towing him.

He said he goes fishing for shark a couple of times a year but, on that particular day, the sea was “rough” once you got out past the headland.

“The porbeagle is a very clever shark,” Graham continued. “They’re notoriously difficult. About 15 to 20 minutes I’d been fighting him.

“Towards the end of the fight, he took me out where it was very bad.

“Some lads that I know were there so I gave them a shout and said can you give me a quick tow out of this rough stuff – then I can get the shark up and let him go.

“But the shark caused a swell before we were ready and it just flipped the kayak.”

During the dramatic encounter, £430 worth of equipment was either lost or destroyed including a GoFish camera, a CoPro and his Huawei P30 mobile.

“It’s only happened twice now in 13 or 14 years of kayak fishing,” he added.

“Another 15 minutes and I’d have had him up and let him go.

“It’s one of those things, unfortunately.”

It comes after a lone kayaker found himself surrounded by five basking sharks off the uK coast in a "thrilling experience".

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