Shirtless, spear-wielding man allegedly stabs teen in Times Square

A shirtless, spear-waving and apparently unhinged man randomly stabbed a young teenager in Times Square on Friday night, witnesses and law enforcement sources told The Post.

The boy has been hospitalized after the harrowing encounter — and the spear-waving maniac was quickly taken into custody after being tased by NYPD officers.

The man, who was wearing shorts, a black headband and high black socks, had attacked the teen boy as he was out with his family near 42nd Street and Seventh Avenue at around 6:40 p.m.

“There was a lot of blood on his forehead,” said Youssef Mohamad, a hot dog vendor, who witnessed only the aftermath of the attack.

“I gave the kid ice and napkins and water before the ambulance came and the cops came,” the vendor added.

Mohamad said that after the attack the man took off running south on Seventh Avenue.

But he returned to the scene from Broadway some 20 minutes — after the cops had arrived.

Witnesses quickly pointed out the suspect to the cops, and he was arrested after a bizarre, spear-versus-Taser battle right in the middle of Times Square, Mohamad said.

“The guy wouldn’t listen to the cops. He’s waiving [the spear] at the cops, to everybody, saying, ‘So what? So what?’” Mohamad went on.

“The cops tackled him right away,” he said.

The man appeared to have mental issues, according to Mohamad.

The boy was rushed to a local hospital in stable condition. There was still blood splatters visible in Times Square Friday night.

“I feel bad for the small kid. I cannot believe this happened,” Mohamad said.

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