Snake forms a SQUARE as slithers up a wall like the Nokia phone game 

New high score! Snake forms a SQUARE as slithers up a brick wall perfectly tracking the mortar lines just like in the classic Nokia phone game

  • Before ‘Candy Crush’ and ‘Angry Birds’, the Nokia-native game ‘Snake’ was king
  • Rat snake appeared to mimic video game’s now famous geometric movements
  • 73-year-old retiree Mr Christie took the video at his home in Keenesaw, Georgia

This slithering scene looks like something from the classic mobile phone game ‘Snake’, after a strange serpent climbed a homeowner’s wall, forming bizarre square shapes in the process. 

Before ‘Candy Crush’ and ‘Angry Birds’, it was the Nokia-native game ‘Snake’ that had mobile phone users glued to their screens.

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But this American homeowner was given an unexpected blast from the past when he came home to see a 3D recreation of it on his wall. 

Arriving back home in Keenesaw, Georgia, 73-year-old retiree Mr Christie was alarmed to see a large rat snake traverse across the patio in front of him.

But he was even more alarmed when it began climbing the wall. 

The original Snake game was programmed and released in 1997 on some of the first portable Nokia phones

The rat snake gave an American homeowner a 3D recreation of the classic Nokia game

Rat snakes are non-venomous and found commonly in the northern hemisphere

Watching on in shock as the non-venomous snake began climbing in straight lines.

It did this wile holding the lower half of its body perpendicular below – much like its beloved digital counterpart.

The fork-tongued trespasser soon began forming squares on the brickwork – just like its eight-bit mobile counterpart.

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