Snow weather warning as UK braced for -4C and 60mph gales this weekend as spring on ice

If that wasn’t bad enough, temperatures could plummet too, according to some forecasters, as spring appears to have been put on hold.

Overall there will be a north/south split over the weekend and conditions getting even worse on Monday.

England and Wales could see unseasonably cold temperatures in the south and east as temperatures struggle to get above 5C.

Conditions are expected to improve on Tuesday and temperatures could hit 18C by next weekend.

The east coast is also said to be battered by severe gales, with gusts of up to 60mph in some places, according to the Weather Outlook, starting off on Sunday evening and moving into Monday.

Higher parts of the UK are also likely to get wet snow in areas like the Cotswolds, Salisbury Plain and the Brecon Beacons on Monday.

Those areas along with the South Downs are also expected to get the worst of the rain, with up to three inches falling around late Sunday and early Monday.

Those heavy downpours could see some flooding.

While Scotland is predicted to be mainly dry with some sunny spells temperatures are set to drop to as low as -4C in the glens.

The Met Office has made a more cautious prediction but still sees a very wet and very windy few days ahead.

London, East Anglia and central areas will see rain on Sunday and Monday with around 40mm falling in most areas.

Gales along the east coast with reach 45mph late on Sunday and early Monday.

Met Office spokesman John West told The Sun Online: “It’s going to be very wet and quite windy.

“Caused by this low pressure springing out of northern France and is sucking in could air from places like Scandinavia.

“It’s going to be a wintry mix.”

Weather Outlook director and forecaster Brian Glaze said: “Monday which is looking very cold and wet in large parts of the country and there could even be some wet snow.”

He added: “Monday will be unseasonably cold with temperatures in wet parts of the south and east possibly not getting above 5C.

"Wet snow possible over high ground in England.

"Also a risk of gale force winds in the east, along the east coast of England gusts of up to 60mph.”

Conditions are set to improve on Tuesday but it is due to be a changeable week with some rain and showers with temperatures around average for the time of year as the week progresses.

Temperatures could hit as high as 18C by next weekend.

Dr Michael de Villiers, senior meteorologist with The Weather Channel said: "Temperatures will generally be about 3C below normal, although coldest on Monday with a north-easterly wind reaching about 6 to 7C below normal for the time of the year.

"From Wednesday temperatures will return to around normal and 2 to 3C above normal from Friday reaching a maximum of 14-18C by the weekend."

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