Southwest Plane Collides With Pickup Truck At MD Airport & Passengers Are Pissed — Tweets

A Southwest airplane crashed into a truck at BWI Marshall airport on May 7, leaving passengers on-board frustrated as they were forced to wait on the aircraft with no explanation of what happened.

Southwest Airlines has made headlines once again, this time after one of the company’s aircraft’s collided with a pickup truck at BWI Marshall Airport in Maryland in the early hours of May 7. Flight 6263 was arriving at the airport from Fort Lauderdale when it hit a truck on the ground. There were no injuries reported from inside the plane, but the condition of the truck driver has not been confirmed. The incident took place around 1:30 a.m, with Southwest confirming that “a ground vehicle came into contact with the aircraft.”

Unfortunately, people who were on-board the plane were apparently not given much detail or direction in the immediate aftermath of the crash, and began to get antsy about the situation. “I just got done being held against my will for over 2 hours along with 100 something other passengers on #flight6263 and no apology given or explanation for being held!” Another added, “Y’all my @Southwestair plane hit something while pulling into the gate. SMH crazy couple weeks for them. Now we have to wait at the boarding area. Frustrated is not even the word. This is unacceptable. We are now being asked to wait in a boarding area to talk to police about something that half of us didn’t see because it’s dark. Y’all have to do better.”

Southwest responded to this person’s concern tweets with the following message: “We’re so sorry for the trouble tonight in Baltimore. We appreciate your patience, and our team will do everything they can to get you all on your way as soon as possible.”

This accident comes less than one month after an engine exploded on another Southwest plane, forcing it to make an emergency landing. A woman named Jennifer Riordan tragically died following the incident, after she was nearly sucked out the plane’s window and had to be pulled back inside by fellow passengers.

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