Your star sign could dictate whether you’re a good driver or not

Not everyone takes to roads like a duck takes to water.

Some of us will fail our driving test (theory and practical) multiple times, spending a small fortune in the process, before we can upgrade our licence from green to red.

Others, it seems, have twenty lessons then ace their test, with just a few minors.

While you may put this down simply to different aptitudes for driving, it may also have something to do with your star sign.

Bear with us…

100,000 drivers in Australia were tested to see which star signs were the most or least likely to break the law.

And some star signs emerged as being better drivers than others.

But first, which zodiac sign do you think is the best driver?

Which star sign do you think is the best driver?


As Kidspot reports, the wort offenders were Leos and Pisceans who, between them, amassed the most amount of fines. Tut tut.

Close on their heels (or should that be wheels?) came Aries and Virgos.

Here’s the full breakdown – where do you rank?

Most likely to run a red light.

Most likely: Pisces

Least likely: Virgo

Most likely to miss a payment.

Most likely: Leo

Least likely: Scorpio

Most likely to speed.

Most likely: Leo

Least likely: Libra

Most likely to park in a no stopping zone.

Most likely: Pisces

Least likely: Gemini

Most likely to illegally drive in a bus lane.

Most likely: Libra

Least likely: Taurus

A spokesman for GoGet, who carried out the research, added:

"This research is fun, but if you find some truth to the results, use it as an excuse to be a better driver.

"It’s always good to remind ourselves to drive safe."

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