Stunning pictures show sea eagle honing its hunting skills on toy gliders in Australia

It was seen honing its hunting techniques on two toy gliders flying in its airspace.

At one point the eagle is pictured with wings fully outstretched mirroring that of the red-winged glider.

Photographer Keith Lightbody captured the stunning images of the sea eagle in Albany, Australia.

He said: “The pilots really had to lift their flying skills.”

Based on the size of the gliders, the bird was about 1.8m (nearly 6ft) wide in full flight, he added.

Keith said it was the juvenile white-bellied sea eagle that decided to go after the model gliders.

Describing the chase, he said: “The sea eagle had been getting chased by seagulls along Middleton Beach – that may be why it decided to do some chasing itself!"

The pursuit lasted less than 4 minutes and the bird of …play then resumed soaring along the coastline.

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