Supermarket workers block ‘moron’ driver’s car in with trolleys

Supermarket workers teach ‘moron’ driver a lesson by blocking car in with trolleys after they parked in the wrong spot in Argentina

  • Supermarket staff in Argentina surrounded car after it parked in the wrong spot
  • Several rows of shopping trolleys are seen completely blocking the Peugeot 308
  • Arnold Angelini shared pictures of prank on Facebook after spotting car at 11pm
  • He applauded the workers for their decision and said driver had to be a ‘moron’

A driver who parked in a trolley bay at a supermarket was taught a tough lesson by the store’s employees.

When workers at the shop in Buenos Aires, Argentina, found the Peugeot 308 in the wrong spot they surrounded the vehicle with dozens of carts.

Pictures shared on social media show the car boxed in on all sides by at least five rows and unable to get out without first moving dozens of trolleys.

Supermarket workers hilariously blocked in a Peugeot 308 when its owner parked in the wrong spot at a store in Argentina 

Arnold Angelini posted the hilarious prank on Facebook on Sunday night and said ‘you have to be a moron to park cars’ in the trolley section. 

Mr Angelini, who saw the car at around 11pm after going to the cinema, told El Comodorense he understood ‘sometimes there is no place and you have to look elsewhere.’

However he said: ‘What if there had been an emergency? People do not respect each other, it is a matter of living with values ​​within society.’

He also applauded the employees of the store for blocking the car in an apparent attempt to teach the driver a lesson.  

The car was blocked on all sides and wouldn’t be able to drive away without first moving all of the trolleys. Pictures of the prank have now been shared more than 6,000 times online

Arnold Angelini saw the car and trolleys on Sunday night and said ‘you have to be a moron to park’ in the trolley area of the supermarket car park 

The post has now been shared more than 6,000 times, with many commenting that they agreed with the supermarket staff’s decision. 

One person commented ‘there you have an a*****e’ while another wrote ‘can’t wait see the owner’s face when he goes back to his car.’ 

The car was parked at the Coto de Temperley supermarket, which closes at 9pm on Sundays. However visitors to a nearby cinema can use the car park during the night. 

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