Sussexes battling view they ‘sold out monarchy’ to ‘boost wallet’, expert says

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are fighting back against the view that they "sold out the monarchy" for financial gain, a royal expert has claimed.

Public perception of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex since they dramatically quit as working royals in 2020 has been split, with the pair since relocating to the United States.

But the view that Harry and Meghan sold out the monarchy to "further their wallet" is something they must push back against, with royal commentator Eric Schiffer saying it was unfair.

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Despite the "financial focus" of the Sussexes, he reckons the couple care for many of the social issues they comment on.

Mr Schiffer said: "The vulnerability that Harry and Meghan have is that there's a perception that they have sold out the monarchy and that every move is designed to further their their wallet.

"I don't think that's fair. I do think that they have a financial focus.

"But I also believe that they care about many of these issues. They would like the power that comes from being positioned at the top and be the strongest advocate of this quasi royal lineage."

One issue that recently made the rounds was the controversial Roe v Wade ruling in the US, which Prince Harry delivered a speech on.

The Roe v Wade ruling, which allowed American women to have abortions, was repealed by the Supreme Court in June.

Around half the states in the country are now are either certain or considered likely to introduce new abortion restrictions or bans.

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Despite receiving criticism from Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, Mr Schiffer believes the speech shows the Sussexes are on the right tracks.

He added that Harry can "correct that by continuing to find the right positioning" with which issues are prevalent and touched upon by Archewell.

Schiffer labelled the speech "strange, awkward and misplaced" but despite Prince Harry being "lacerated in the short run" the royal will likely "correct that".

Daily Star reported that Justice Alito had been "wounded" by the comments the Duke of Sussex made to the UN in New York.

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