Ted Cruz slammed by John Oliver for ‘throwing his daughters under the bus’ by saying Cancun trip was for them

TED Cruz has been slammed by John Oliver for "throwing his daughters under the bus" by saying the Cancun trip which caused outrage around the country was for them.

The TV presenter branded the Texas senator's short Mexico vacation "the saga of Ted F**king Cruz".

Cruz came under fire on Wednesday last week for flying to Cancun with his family while millions of Texans were left without power and water during a severe winter storm.

After coming back to Texas on Thursday, the senator admitted the trip was a "mistake", but said the vacation was for his daughters and he was "just trying to be a dad" by accompanying them.

During the latest episode of his show – Last Week Tonight – John Oliver said that Ted Cruz "blamed his preteen daughters for the trip, saying they had asked him to go and ‘I was trying to be a good dad’, because the first rule of fatherhood is throw your daughters under the bus at the first opportunity".

Last week, when asked what he was thinking, Cruz replied: "You question what I was thinking, and… I was trying to take care of my family. 

"I was trying to take care of my kids. It's unfortunate, the firestorm that came from it.


"It was not my intention – in saying 'yes' to my daughters to somehow diminish all the Texans that were going through real hardship."

However, a leaked group text between Cruz's wife, Heidi, and some friends appeared to show her suggesting the holiday and even inviting others to join the family at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Cancun.

The senator later expressed his regret after the text messages emerged.

Commenting on the saga, Oliver said: "I mean, that's just incredible.

"Ted Cruz – who, remember, wants to be president – told the world he was bullied into international travel by twins, then got cyber-bullied into coming home by the internet, leaving his wife to solo parent two kids on vacation in another country while trying to figure out who in her mom group doxxed her. It's all amazing."

Oliver also criticized other US politicians over the crisis, saying they failed to warn Texans about the possibility of such a scenario happening.

The presenter ended the segment by asking viewers to help Texas and donate to the Feeding Texas charity.

Photos of Cruz at an airport on Wednesday fueled outrage at how he had left Texas during a crisis which left millions of people facing water shortages.

The Republican lawmaker also got slammed when he returned to the state and started giving out water, posting a photo of himself holding cases of Dasani while using the hashtag "TexasStrong.

He came under fire for the photo-op, with people still criticizing him for leaving the state in the first place.

Cruz's family returned to Texas on Saturday after their controversial stay at the $300-a-night Ritz Carlton resort.

Freezing temperatures caused power blackouts at water treatment facilities and about 13 million Texans were told to boil water that may be contaminated.

About 70 people have died so far as the freezing winter storm caused power, heating and water outages.

President Joe Biden on Saturday declared Texas a major disaster, which would provide federal funding to 77 counties across the state.

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