Teen stabbed teacher dead, wounded five others, at Brazilian school

Horrifying moment masked teenager stabbed teacher dead and wounded five others, including one student, at Brazilian school before heroic teacher restrained 13-year-old attacker

  • A 13-year-old student was arrested Monday morning in Brazil after stabbing dead a teacher, wounding two others as well as a student
  • The boy walked into his eighth grade classroom at the Thomazia Montoro State School and attacked Elizabete Tenreiro as she was taking attendance
  • Tenreiro was pushed and then stabbed before another student intervened and was stabbed multiple times 

This is the harrowing moment a 13-year-old stabbed a teacher who then died of a heart attack and wounded three others at a school in the southeastern Brazilian state of São Paulo.

The student, whose name has not been released by authorities, entered his classroom Monday morning at the Thomazia Montoro State School and approached Elizabete Tenreiro, 71, before he pushed her and stabbed her while she was taking attendance.

A classmate could be seen stepping forward to stop the attack when the teenager, who was wearing a skull mask, then plunged the knife into him.

The attacker charged after his terrified classmates, who raced out of the room for safety.

 Elizabete Tenreiro was stabbed by a 13-year-old student inside her eighth grade classroom Monday morning and died at a São Paulo, Brazil, hospital after suffering a heart attack

Elizabete Tenreiro (right) was set to do her classroom’s attendance at the Thomazia Montoro State School when she was pushed and stabbed by one of her students, a 13-year-old boy (left)

Moments later, the student could be seen dragging a teacher on the ground before staff members pounced on him.

Physical education teacher, Cinthia Barbosa placed him on a choke hold while a second teacher wrestled the knife away and reached to remove his mask.

The boy was arrested by the Military Police and taken to a local police station. 

Authorities said Tenreiro was rushed to the University Hospital of USP, where she went into cardiac arrest and died.

One student suffered a cut to the arm after falling to the ground while trying to seek safety.

A student (right) steps to confront his classmate (left) moments after he stabbed their eighth grade teacher at the Thomazia Montoro State School on Monday

Physical education teacher, Cintia Barbosa (right), put the 13-year-old student in a choke hold while another teacher (left) snatches the knife away

A teacher (left) the knife used by a student to stab four teachers, including one who died, and a student at the Thomazia Montoro State School in Brazil on Monday

The father of the student who was stabbed said his child suffered wounds to the arm, back and eyebrow while attempting to defend Tenreiro from the attacker.

‘(The suspect) is a sick student, unfortunately,’ Ronaldo Borges said, as quoted by Brazilian news outlet G1. ‘The studied together in the same room.’ 

Secretary of Public Security, Guilherme Derrite, said the ‘tragedy would certainly have been much greater’ had it not been for Barbosa’s heroic response.

Education Secretary, Gustavo Felder, said that the teen suspect had fought a student last week. Students said that the fight started after he allegedly called his classmate a ‘monkey’ and that Tenreiro broke up the brawl.

The student didn’t attend class Monday.

A student (center) leaves the Thomazia Montoro State School after a 13-year-old student killed a teacher and wounded three teachers and one student

A student leaves the Thomazia Montoro State School with his mother after a fatal stabbing at the school in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on Monday

Cops confiscated a cellphone, knife, scissors  and hat from the 13-year-old attacker

The attacker transferred to the Thomazia Montoro State School on March 15. 

He previously attended the José Roberto Pacheco State School in Taboão da Serra, where administrators in February reported to the police by due to conduct issues, Metropoles newspaper reported.

A copy of an incident report obtained by Metropoles noted that the 13-year-old boy exhibited ‘suspicious behavior on social networks, posting compromising videos, for example, carrying a firearm, simulating violent attacks.’

The Department of Education announced that Thomazia Montoro State School would remained closed for a week 

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