Temperatures low as -4C didn't stop these from enjoying a night out

There’s snow need to stay home! Temperatures as low as minus 4C didn’t stop these revellers from enjoying a night out on the town

  • Partygoers braved the cold and dressed to impress in Newcastle and Leeds
  • Temperatures plunge below minus 15C as nation is swept by heavy snow AGAIN 

Revellers could be seen hitting the town in Leeds and Newcastle last night despite freezing temperatures. 

Many were dressed to impress as hundreds went out across the UK, wearing skirts, dresses, and bare-armed tops. 

Not even the forecasted snow which is to sweep across the UK yet again this weekend was going to stop the fun on Friday night. 

The lowest temperature of minus 4C was recorded in Leeds at 3am, and minus 2C in Newcastle at the same time. 

Following the eventful night, yellow weather warnings have been issued for large swathes of the country just as Storm Larisa battered parts of the UK.

The partygoers braved the cold and the rain in Leeds and Newcastle as they hit the cities’ bars and clubs.

A reveller poses with a peace sign proudly in Newcastle’s city centre despite temperatures as low as minus 2C

Two glamorously dressed women in short dresses and boots take to the street of Leeds 

A group pose for a photo as they enjoy their Friday night out in Leeds yesterday evening

A pair enjoy the night out in Newcastle on Friday night, with one dressed in a sparkly black two-piece ensemble and her companion in a form-fitted jumpsuit 

A group of friends cheer as they pose for a photo in Newcastle city centre despite the weather

A pair enjoy the night out in Newcastle on Friday night as they layer up in blazers in an effort to combat the chilling cold 

A group of friends all wearing long dresses stand outside as they wait to get the party started

One woman bends down to help her friend out, adjusting the straps on her white high heels 

A trio of cheerful men pose for a photo with their hands in the air showing peace signs 

Let it snow! Nothing can stop this merry bunch of friends as they kick about in the snow 

These two won’t let the cold ruin their night as they stroll happily down the streets of Leeds arm in arm

A duo dressed in silver and black take to the streets of Leeds for a drink despite the cold weather

A man clings onto a pole as he is surrounded by a group of friends in Newcastle

 Pose for the camera! A group are all smiles as they enjoy a festive evening out in the snow

Two friends enjoy their Friday night as one even bares the harsh cold to pose for a photo 

Dressed to impress! A group of men stand outside a Greek Kitchen, with one dressed in a woman’s traditional Welsh fancy dress costume 

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