Terrifying footage captures China’s Covid quarantine camps stretching for miles

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Footage has emerged of the Chinese quarantine camps as the Omicron variant surges through the nation. More than 25 million residents have been locked inside their homes for a month during China’s latest rise in cases. Fences have been erected around housing blocks and camps set up to accommodate the uncontrollable influx of cases.

Though open criticism of the Chinese government is rare, the makeshift hospitals set up to deal with coronavirus have been described as Covid concentration camps by locals. 

Thousands of people who have tested positive for the Omicron variant have been crammed into small isolation wards reported to be plagued by poor conditions. 

In Shanghai alone, there are currently more than 21,000 cases as authorities struggle to gain control of the situation. 

What started as a four-day lockdown has now stretched into its fourth week with no clear ending to restrictions in sight. 

In a further effort to curb the spread of the variant, measures were stepped up over the weekend. 

Pictures surfaced of workers in white hazmat suits installing two-metre green fences around entire housing blocks, designated as “sealed areas”. 

In certain areas, as little as one case has been sufficient to lockdown an entire block of homes. 

It’s part of China’s zero-tolerance policy to coronavirus, which has forced millions into isolation despite being free of the virus. 

Residents struggle every morning to book an online slot to receive their food supplies, with travelling even for essential supplies forbidden in many locations. 

Residential compounds have been locked down, school campuses closed and mass testing undertaken across the country. 

One citizen in Shanghai claimed to the Daily Telegraph that she had heard stories about infants torn away from their parents after a coronavirus infection. 

In a country that appeared to have overcome the first waves of coronavirus in 2020, the Omicron variant has wreaked havoc. 

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At least 27 cities have been subjected to full or partial lockdowns since the arrival of Omicron, with these restrictions affecting as much as 180 million people, according to CNN calculations. 

The northeastern Jilin province was one of the earliest areas in China to be put under lockdown, with a strict, city-wide shut down announced on March 11. 

Shanghai followed suit towards the end of the month after recording more than half a million cases from March 1. 

While officially no-one has died from coronavirus in China for over a year, reports suggest that unofficial tallies are as high as 172 deaths in Shanghai alone, with residents dying under brutal quarantine measures and vulnerable people lacking access to the necessary help.

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