Terrifying George Clooney crash video released

REVEALED: The terrifying moment George Clooney crashed while riding his motorbike in Italy and was launched into the windscreen of an oncoming car

  • George Clooney was thrown several feet into the air when his bike hit a car
  • Actor was riding along a street in Sardinia, an Italian island, when crash occurred
  • A Clooney spokesman says he is recovering at home and ‘will be fine’
  • The 57-year-old was reportedly riding to the set of his new TV show, Catch 22

Footage taken from a street in Italy shows George Clooney was thrown several feet into the air when his motorbike collided with an oncoming car.

Clooney, 57, collided with a Mercedes on the Italian island of Sardinia about 7am on Tuesday, when it turned into his lane as he tried to ride past.

Video taken from a fixed security camera, obtained by Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, shows another rider managed to get around the car, but Clooney, believed to be riding nearby, was reportedly hit.

In the video, he is seen flipping over the handlebars of his bike, flying into the air, appearing to hit the windscreen of the car, before tumbling onto the asphalt.

Pictured: Security footage shows the moment George Clooney smashes into a car while riding his motorbike through the Italian island of Sardinia

‘His head hit the windscreen and he fell to the ground’: George Clooney crashed his scooter into a Mercedes being driven by a man in his sixties in Sardinia on Tuesday

Fortunately the star was wearing a helmet and was driving slowly, but the windscreen of the Mercedes was badly smashed.

The driver of the vehicle is seen rushing to Clooney’s aid, as are other witnesses. 

He was taken to John Paul II hospital in Olbia, but released after just a few hours.  

The actor had a CT scan, which showed no fractures, but he has reportedly suffered trauma to the pelvis, hip and knee which should take around 20 days to heal. 

A spokesman for the Oceans 11 actor told Associated Press he was ‘recovering at his home and will be fine’. 

Clooney’s wife Amal, 40, immediately rushed to his side and after two hours, she and George left together via a side exit with security and the local police escort.

The source also told MailOnline: ‘The accident happened in a very tourist area, so at that time there was not much traffic.

The actor’s feet were just visible as his injuries were tended to on the road moments after the accident

The scooter could be seen lying in front of the car, with the smashed windscreen clearly visible

‘Those who saw it will have probably thought of a normal accident also because Clooney’s scooter is a normal scooter, there are lots of them around.’  

Firefighters arrived at the scene as a safety precaution and in one snap, an extinguisher can be seen abandoned on the road.

  • ¿His head hit the windscreen and he fell to the ground¿:…

    Two teenagers arrested following crime spree that resulted…

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A source told MailOnline the actor had been riding his scooter from his house in Puntaldia, Sardinia, to the set of his new Hulu TV series, Catch 22, which is in Capo Ceraso, in Olbia, when the accident occured.

George was at the intersection of Costa Corallina, a tourist village with a private harbour, when he got hit by the car as it turned left to enter the village.

Amal and George, along with their one-year-old twins, Ella and Alexander, are living in Sardinia for the summer, where he is filming his new TV series, Catch 22.

The couple had previously been enjoying their European trip alongside George’s parents Nina and Nick Clooney, as well as Amal’s mother Baria Alamuddin. 

Clooney (pictured) had been riding his scooter from his house in Puntaldia, Sardinia, to the set of his new Hulu TV series, Catch 22, which is in Capo Ceraso, in Olbia

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