Terry Crews Thanks Fans For Their Support In His Stand For Sexual Abuse Victims

The muscular yet soft spoken actor took the time today to thank his biggest fans on social media platform Reddit for their dedication and assistance in fighting for victims of sexual assault and harassment.

Hours ago, iconic actor Terry Crews of Brooklyn Nine-Nine fame thanked his supporters for standing with him in his stand to support victims of sexual assault and abuse in a post made to popular social media platform Reddit. Posting under his personal account, u/TheTerryCrews, he specifically posted the missive in his fan forum dedicated to promoting his message of positivity and truth in the fight to clear the air on an often stigmatized subject – the subreddit in question being r/CrewsCrew.

“I want to say thank you to the CrewsCrew and everyone else on reddit for your support of my stand against sexual abuse of any kind and toxic masculinity in any way shape or form. You have no idea how much strength your encouragement gives to me and the millions of other survivors all over the world.”

The thank you note comes in the wake of Terry Crews’ testimony to a Senate Judiciary Committee this Tuesday previous, wherein Crews testified in support of the proposed Sexual Assault Survivor’s Bill of Rights, according to Variety. Speaking to the legislation in question and the merits thereof, Crews said the bill “gives survivors the right to have time to distance themselves from the immediate trauma before making the difficult decision to report the assault to law enforcement.”

It is a frequent critique of the current law enforcement framework surrounding such crimes and complaints that victims must avail themselves of the proper medical and legal apparatus immediately should they wish to seek justice, despite their often-shaky mental state immediately following their encounter. This frustration with the current system was echoed by Crews just two days ago on Twitter when he posted a frustrated rebuttal to some standard talking points pushing against change with regards to the subject of sexual assault.

In addition to his very vocal stance taken on the matter, which began in earnest when he revealed last October that he was the subject of sexual assault committed upon him by a Hollywood executive according to The Guardian, Crews has since escalated his commitment to change by rejecting work that he deems to be in contravention with the path to progress with regards to sexual assault. Crews has publicly refused to appear in the blockbuster film Expendables 4 after producer Avi Lerner – accused of sexual harassment and impropriety in a separate claim – told Crews’ manager to drop the case if the actor actually wanted to appear in the action movie.

Crews has been largely lauded by his fans, the press, and public officials for his bravery in coming forward with his own personal truth and for strongly endorsing a movement for change when it comes to how such accusations and actions are handled. Former Vice President of the United States Joe Biden took to Twitter on Friday to express his own support for the stance taken by the actor.

With the news that his hit show with a star-studded ensemble cast in cop comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine would continue on with NBC after being canceled by Fox, it seems that Terry Crews and his fans have nothing to fear with regards his career. Having weathered his critics and emerging unscathed, Crews appears to be set for even great success in the future.

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